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The Magical Mysteries of the Umbilical Cord …

Oct 16 2017

Why would I store my baby’s cord blood?

There are so many products and services pushed to pregnant women nowadays.  Everywhere you turn, there’s a new product being pushed that you’ve never heard of, that you just HAVE to have.

Cord blood banking is one of these things.  It sounds like you should probably do it, but all the information out there is so scientific and for your everyday Mum who doesn’t work in the scientific sector, it’s a minefield.  


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Cord Blood Collection – a frozen asset for your baby and your family

Jan 20 2013

As parents we have many decisions to make as our children grow, but one of the most important needs to be made before they are even born. It’s the decision as to whether to collect your baby’s stem cells from their umbilical cord or allow them to be thrown away. The latter is unfortunately common practice here in the U.K.

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