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Recipes: How to Throw a Ravioli Party

May 23 2015

Cooking with children is fun and educational. But if you turn it into a party they will love you forever. Here is a brilliant post that shows you how to throw a Ravioli Party. It can even become the theme for a Birthday Party. The recipes have been extracted from Noodle Kids by Jonathon Sawyer, published by Quarry Books (£15.99).

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Fussy eaters – Should we be worried?

Sep 03 2014

Having a fussy eating child can be extremely stressful. As a family nutritionist I have seen many parents in tears over this issue and most of my initial consultations are spent reassuring them that they are not bad parents and have not really done anything wrong. Cue a big surge of relief being lifted from their heavily burdened shoulders.

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Recipe: Garlic Bread

Apr 13 2013

This is an easy and heart-healthy recipe for Garlic Bread. It’s great both for cold and the warm months.

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Exclusive interview with Cbeebies ‘I Can Cook’ star Katy Ashworth on her passions & her charity work

Apr 06 2013

Who hasn’t cooked with the children following the recipes from ‘I Can Cook’ with Cbeebies star Katy Ashworth and her group of lively kids. Find out all about her passions & and her charity work for BLISS in this exclusive interview for London Mums. Enjoy!

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Recipe: Mini Carrot Cakes

Mar 10 2013

Try this recipe for Mini Carrot Cakes. We absolutely loved making them and eating them. So easy to make with the kids. And husbands will love them too. Perfect for Mother’s Day baking and beyond!

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