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Dressing Up Like a Christmas Tree

Dec 16 2013

You know that episode of Friends where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe spend an afternoon hanging out wearing wedding dresses? Monica is in one yet to even be worn by its owner, the awful Emily* who is about to become Ross’ third wife.

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Lifestyle & interior design Agony Aunt answers your questions this December

Dec 12 2013

It’s that time of year already, can you believe it? If you can’t, you obviously haven’t braved one of London’s favourite shopping hotspots like Oxford Street or Westfield yet, which means that a) you probably have a few more hairs on your head than I do and b) you’re either behind on your Chrissy shopping or have been very clever this year and have managed to do it all online!

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Covent Garden at Christmas, with LEGO installation and live reindeer

Dec 01 2013

Covent Garden has announced its calendar of activity to welcome in this year’s festive season.

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December 2013 Newsletter

Nov 30 2013

Hi London Mums

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013: GIFTS FOR HIM & GADGETS

Nov 29 2013

Here are selected gifts for the men in your life (partners, dads, granddads, boyfriends) including the latest useful GADGETS .

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