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Christmas Decorations Ideas and Trends 2014

Nov 30 2014

London Mums went on the hunt for Christmas Decorations Ideas and Trends for 2014. Here are our discoveries. Let us know if you agree and what your favourite trend is for this Christmas.

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Things to do with the kids in London on New Year’s Eve

Nov 03 2014

London on New Year’s Eve  is very exciting with hundreds of events taking place outdoor as well as in clubs, pubs and restaurants across the capital even with children.

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Win a Family Christmas Grotto Experience worth £130 at the Rainforest Cafe, London on 23 November 2014

Nov 02 2014

It’s almost time to prepare Christmas cards, pictures of the kids with Santa and this competition sponsored by the Rainforest Cafe in London is just what a family of four could benefit from.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013: GIFTS FOR HIM & GADGETS

Nov 29 2013

Here are selected gifts for the men in your life (partners, dads, granddads, boyfriends) including the latest useful GADGETS .

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013: EDUCATIONAL GIFTS FOR KIDS

Nov 28 2013

These days children receive too many toys and presents they unwrap and never look at again. Here is a selection of educational gifts that in my view will have a long life and will be appreciated by the whole family. A lot of London Mums’ preferences this year go for games that encourage language learning.

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