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Naturally Inspiring Childcare

Jul 24 2013

Childcare is the single biggest issue for parents. Here are some great pointers on how childcare should look like. kidsunlimited offers children ‘naturally inspiring childcare’, but what is this?

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Government must get early years education right

May 11 2013

Now that the Liberal Democrats have come out against increasing childcare ratios, I hope the government will stop and think very carefully about their proposals to increase staff: children ratios in nurseries across the country. Saving money at this crucial stage in our children’s development could have grave consequences not only for our children’s lives but for society as a whole.

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Nanny recruitment: a nightmare?

Jan 18 2013

How to avoid the high cost, and the first meeting disappointment…

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Mumpreneurs’ testimonials: How mum and daughter became business partners in their innovative Granny agency

Nov 08 2012

When we came across Francesca and her mum, we immediately understood how innovative and useful the service they provide can be. Here is what Francesca told us about the idea behind her new childcare service, Granny and I, that places experienced and trustworthy Grannies in families to help with childcare and housework.

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Are you a mumpreneur with pre-school children – what do you do for childcare?

Nov 03 2012
Mumpreneur with pre-school children

I started my own business seven years ago when my second child was born and my eldest was four in part-time nursery.  Although I was lucky enough to pin down work-from-home contracts as a Freelancer, working with pre-school children wasn’t plain sailing.  And it is still a challenge now that I have a third child, who is coming up to four years old.

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