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The Magical Mysteries of the Umbilical Cord …

Oct 16 2017

Why would I store my baby’s cord blood?

There are so many products and services pushed to pregnant women nowadays.  Everywhere you turn, there’s a new product being pushed that you’ve never heard of, that you just HAVE to have.

Cord blood banking is one of these things.  It sounds like you should probably do it, but all the information out there is so scientific and for your everyday Mum who doesn’t work in the scientific sector, it’s a minefield.  


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Honey Ryder country vocalist and mum Lindsay O’Mahoney opens up about her childbirth experience

Jul 14 2015

Lindsay O’Mahoney has made her name as the vocalist for country-tinged trio Honey Ryder, who are currently building to the release of their third studio album ‘Born In A Bottle’. Having balanced her career with motherhood, the songstress talks to Katherine Rippon about her first experience of childbirth was far from straightforward….

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