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Child Internet Safety – Free resources checklist for parents

Jul 06 2015

The Child Internet safety summit this year in London was extremely resourceful for parents and teachers alike looking for solutions to their concerns on e-safety. The overall message was perfectly summarised by AVG® Technologies new #SmartUser project’s tagline ‘If you wouldn’t do it in real life, then don’t do it online’.

In this post we cover the results of a new online survey that highlights a worrying underestimation of online dangers by parents, as they are too quick to shift the blame for children encountering dangers online onto others, rather than shoulder it themselves. We have also put together a list of free resources available to parents interested in learning more about child internet safety.

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Child Internet Safety – Six scenarios and solutions

Jul 04 2014

The Child Internet Safety Summit 2014 at Westminster focused on the digital footprint and the dangers to children in both their present and future lives as well as the online safety education focus in schools. To make it easier to understand what parents need to do and know, I have prepared a list of danger scenarios / challenges and simple solutions for parents as I have learnt from the experts at the conference on 3rd July. 

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