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The case for a staggered return to work after maternity leave

Sep 14 2018

I have to say returning to work so far has been pretty good. I have enjoyed the challenges thrown at me and most importantly I haven’t struggled too much with missing my daughter. Undoubtedly the reason for this is because I have been able to negotiate a staggered return to work; working just two days a week for approximately two months, before I switch it up a level and then go up to four days. The next step, however, is a complete unknown to me though and I am nervous (to say the least) about trying to make it all work.

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Exercise can make you feel like ‘you’ again – top 5 moves to do whilst baby is napping

Jun 18 2018

If you have read my previous blogs, then you will know that I was very worried before I went off on maternity leave that I would lose my identity without my career. Regularly there are days when I need to remind myself who I am and reassure myself that I am more than just a feeding, highchair cleaning, nappy changing, baby brain nursery rhyme singer. One of the ways I do this is by doing exercise. Yes sounds silly I know, but honestly, it just reminds me that I am more than just a mummy and helps me see clearly again, no matter how foggy my brain feels. 

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How to build an effective Personal Brand

Oct 30 2013

Today we live in a consumer society where we are bombarded with product placement and brand identity everywhere we turn. Overwhelmed by choice, we opt for brands that speak to some part of us with a clear message, be it a promise of youth, organic credentials, good value, effectiveness or something else.

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Looking for a job in London

Apr 29 2013

Looking for part time work is always a daunting aspect. In general, the thought of finding work is scary, particularly within the current economic climate. Being the largest city (and capital of our country) London is a great place to start. With plenty of jobs around, there are more options for working mums than ever.

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Do you have children who are starting or going back to school in September? Flexible career opportunity for mums

Jul 17 2012

Why not start your own adventure at the same time and join the growing number of mums who sell funky, ethically produced Swedish kids clothes in their spare time? We at me&i have a great business opportunity for you!

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