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Sylvester and the New Year

Dec 25 2012

The legend of Sylvester and his annual journey to Earth with the New Year comes to life in this wonderful fairytale. This beautifully illustrated story will become a family favourite for every New Year.

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Feel-good books for children

Dec 20 2012

Here is a selection of lovely books for children that parents will find entertaining and quite unique.

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Christmas Books for Children (that parents will love too)

Nov 18 2012

In the era of digital media, Kindle and iPad, I still love turning the pages of books and particularly children’s books that are so colourful and beautifully illustrated. Here is a selection of London Mums’ favourite books this Christmas.

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Vintage Classic Literature for Children

Nov 12 2012

WHICH IS YOUR FAVOURITE CLASSIC NOVEL OF ALL TIMES? Mine still is Little Women. I can’t help but crying every time I read this old classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

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Top children’s book: The princess and the pig

Nov 11 2012

The princess and the pig recently published by PanMacmillan is one of the best stories I have read in years. Forget about fairytales and princess’ dream worlds… this story brings us back to reality and shows how much nicer it is to live a simple life surrounded by loving parents no matter what their wealth is. Absolutely brilliant!

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