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Great new books for children

Jan 30 2013

Here is a selection of great new books for children selected by London Mums.

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Book review: Wherever My Wellies Take Me by Michael and Clare Morpurgo

Jan 27 2013

Where My Wellies Take Me is a collection of favourite poetry chosen by former children’s laureate Michael and Clare Morpurgo. Woven around the poetry selection is the story of Pippa, who loves to stay with her Aunty Peggy in the Devon countryside. The book features illustrations from Olivia Lomenech Gill.

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George and the Knight

Dec 29 2012

George and the Knight is an entertaining new take on the classic dragon myth. George, a cowardly dragon finds his courage when a wicked knight threatens a little boy, Alric, his beloved friend.

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Sylvester and the New Year

Dec 25 2012

The legend of Sylvester and his annual journey to Earth with the New Year comes to life in this wonderful fairytale. This beautifully illustrated story will become a family favourite for every New Year.

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Win 1 of 10 books ‘The Answer Tree’ by Claire Bulman

Dec 24 2012

When a young boy uncovers a talking tree that can magically grant his every wish, he soon begins to encounter the pitfalls of getting everything he asks for.

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