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Bonfire Night recipe: Bonfire Butterscotch Apples

Nov 01 2013

Celebrate Bonfire Night with this spacial and easy recipe: Bonfire Butterscotch Apples.

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Recipe: Traditional Toffee Apples

Oct 31 2013

Toffee Apples are the perfect outdoor treat. You’ll need ten clean, sturdy sticks – or push the boat out and use cinnamon sticks. Easy recipe for Halloween or Bonfire Night.

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Halloween & Bonfire Night tips for pets

Oct 25 2013

As many of us know, our pets are very sensitive to noise and get stressed by the sight and sound of fireworks going off, so here are some suggestions for measures you can take to try and reduce their anxiety and protect them from these events that are fun for us but not at all for them. I am very passionate about divulging this information as I feel for those poor pets who are dragged to noisy parties by dogs owners who are not aware how terribly scary these can be for their pets.

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