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Film Review: Maggie’s Plan

Jul 07 2016

After the riotous comedy of Absolutely Fabulous:The Movie last week, this time it’s the turn of something more sophisticated and definitely more American. Maggie’s Plan is released this Friday, certificate 15, and comes from director/writer Rebecca Miller, who is married to Daniel Day Lewis, as well as being the daughter of legendary playwright Arthur Miller.

London Mums’ resident film critic, Freda Cooper, found out whether the film goes according to plan.

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Future Films Heads Up: Accidental Love

May 24 2015
Accidental Love

Jake Gyllenhaal fans must be getting used to his changes in appearances by now.  After his dramatic weight loss for the horror/thriller Nightcrawler, he’s beefed himself up for boxing drama Southpaw, which arrives in cinemas in late July.  Before then, he sports a nerdy haircut for whacky romantic comedy, Accidental Love, opening on 19 June.  And this is definitely one for the grown-ups!

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