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New Barbie Movie ‘Barbie in the Pink Shoes’

Feb 26 2013

Irresistible new Barbie movie. This is clearly a film Barbie fans all around the world will love as it has all ingredients to please them: pink shoes, great dreams, the fight between good and evil.
The new movie ‘Barbie in the Pink Shoes’ is released on the 26 February 2013 and Barbie stars as a prima ballerina.

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New Barbie movie inspires 10 top tips to get kids started in performing arts

Aug 28 2012

The Barbie™ Popstar Academy is taking place next weekend and is in high demand with hundreds of little girls jumping at the chance to sing and dance like Barbie™ in her latest DVD Barbie™ The Princess & the Popstar out on DVD 3rd September 2012, where she fulfils her lifelong dream of becoming a popstar.

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British Olympic dolls’ mask and top for Bratz & Monster High Draculaura

Apr 30 2012

I finally finished the top for the British Olympics as well as the Italian flag top and Olympic dolls’ masks.

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Monster High Dolls Mansion made out of Cardboard boxes

Apr 24 2012

After spending a good couple of solid days creating a Monster High dolls house lounge / front room for my little girl and feeling so proud, I just want to cry. Why you ask? Well I just checked You Tube out when I uploaded my video to find the most amazing Monster High Dolls House ever made from just plain old cardboard boxes.

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Dollshouse craft: Monster High dolls’ house out of an old box & junk

Apr 17 2012

Yesterday my little girl went over to her friend’s house so I thought I would surprise her by transforming the old cardboard box she was playing with into a proper Monster High Dolls house.

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