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Top tips for filming family days out

Feb 28 2013

There’s nothing better than a spring jaunt in the great outdoors to bring the whole family together. Whether it’s that special Mother’s Day outing or an exciting Easter trip to remember, family days out can provide the perfect opportunity to capture some precious moments on film, to cherish forever.

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Learning about Exposure

Jan 30 2013

If you are going to learn photography basics then there’s a few simple fundamentals that you need to understand.

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Mums’ Friendships Going Down The Toilet With Potty Training

Jun 25 2012

One in three mums has fallen out with someone over how to raise their children, a study has revealed.

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Easter Chick baby/child personalised photographs

Mar 28 2012

Would you like a personalised digital Easter Picture created from your own baby photograph, like this one? All you have to do is take the photo in the same sort of position and email it to me direct. You can pay by Paypal or send a cheque.

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Winners of our London photography competition!!

Feb 02 2012

It’s been a long process but we have finally selected the winners of the London Mums photography competition. The amazing prizes are sponsored by
a Fish in Sea and authors of Never Mind the Botox.

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