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Baby, You Are Fantastic

Nov 05 2022
mum and baby looking at each other reading posing for mums magazine

I love babies. They are amazing, little geniuses observing and exploring as their brains flood with neurotransmitters and their synaptic connections fizz with learning. So why don’t we pay more attention to them?

In the Early Years policy world, babies are the silent group. It is almost as if children were born aged three.  Yet babyhood lays the foundations for a happy and healthy life and knowing how to support babies is critical because their wellbeing is strongly linked to better outcomes later in life. This includes educational achievement, progress at work and physical and mental health.

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Your baby’s skin is 15 times thinner than yours! Protect your little one from UV rays this summer

Jun 28 2019

Sunburn at a young age increases the chances of melanoma (skin cancer) in later life by 80%. You need to be sure you’re properly protecting your little one’s sensitive skin.

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Postnatal Depression And Me

Mar 10 2014

In the past few days something amazing has happened to me, I shared my story.
I shared the story of my battle with postnatal depression on social media. I shared it on twitter and on Facebook.

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