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July & August 2012 Newsletter

Jun 30 2012

Dear London Mums

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Jun 15 2012

A third of parents regret giving their children games consoles, mobile phones and computers, a study reveals today. Having not known life without the internet and technology, parents fear their children are so used to the immediate gratification of digital devices that they are lacking key interpersonal skills such as patience and social and communication skills that develop from taking part in creative activities.

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Top decorating tips for a Diamond Jubilee themed party

May 17 2012

A really fun and simple way to decorate your home or party venue with a Jubilee red, white and blue colour scheme is to make some pretty ribbon pompoms.
Each pompom is made up of four large bows tied together, so you need to start by making your bows.

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Olympic masks for Bratz & Monster High dolls

Apr 22 2012

I spent the weekend making a little doll’s top with the colours of her Italian flag as well as an Italian flag mask for Monica from London Mums’ Magazine Bratz doll.

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Transform a Bratz to a Butterfly Blue Holly with wings

Mar 10 2012

When I was looking through the London Mums’ blogs I came across Tanith Carey’s amazing book called “Where has my little girl gone?” I am so excited about this book and hope it creates the change we need to protect our little girls from our plastic world.

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