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Decorating the Easter Table – Crafts to do with your children

Apr 09 2014
Easter Table

Easter Sunday is about more than Easter eggs but if your children are like mine, they have very little interest in anything else! To introduce them to the idea that Easter Sunday is a day of ancient celebration and feasting, why not create something special to decorate the Easter Table? I like to have all my old favourites on display that day and napkin rings made of felt are a pretty addition to a place setting. They are easy to make and easy to personalise – use any scraps of lace, ribbon or buttons that you have stashed away for instant personality and vintage appeal.

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Aneliese’s February column: Valentine’s dressing of the home

Feb 07 2014

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s no surprise that the name of the game of this month’s questions is ‘romance’. Unfortunately, finding the time for romance is no easy task, especially when you’ve got little ones. Hopefully my answers will help you to realise that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the most romantic day of the year a special one and inspire you find the time for romance and creativity this Valentine’s Day.

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Lifestyle & interior design Agony Aunt Aneliese answers your questions this November

Nov 06 2013
London Mums Magazine working with Landmark Lofts agony aunt Aneliese

November is the month to get organised before the stressful – I mean ‘festive’ season starts. This month’s questions focus on planning ahead and getting the home in tip top shape before it becomes a seasonal hotel, filled to the brim with close friends and distant relatives alike.

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Tips For Getting Your Kids To Be Creative

Aug 02 2013

The world through a child’s eyes is a place of wonder and endless possibilities. Children have an innate creativity and sense of wonder, filling in the blanks of the unknown with their imagination. Unfortunately, modern technology and toys often take up the time and space that kids would otherwise fill dreaming up new worlds, new answers and new ideas.

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Top Art & Craft books

Feb 16 2013

Here are top art & craft books selected by London Mums. There are so many books out there teaching arty activities but these two are our favourite ones for different reasons. Check them out.

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