What’s the fuss about Lego?

I hate openly promoting brands but my 16 year old son has always been crazy about Lego. Between the age of 3 and 12 he was fanatic about his construction sets and at every opportunity he was playing with his Lego blocks. He made cars, rocket ships, boats, houses for the Moshi Monsters and even his own inventions and machinery. There is nothing he would not make actually.

In the last few years we got him the annual Lego books of ideas which are wonderful to read even if, like me (as a girl), you aren’t interested in building things with Lego.

Over the years I have figured out that Lego has a wide range of toys for all ages (even for adults): for baby/toddlers (Lego Duplo) and for girls only (Lego Friends). I recently went to a girls’ birthday party and in one room I saw a few girls who preferred playing with their Lego Friends than with their real friends. I mean this is not good… but hats off to this company that has really revolutionised the toy industry. 

The company even offers Lego sets to help introduce young people into technology and hardware. 

The history of Lego began in 1932, when Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded the company in a Danish carpentry workshop, and continues into the 21st century as a popular and very profitable line of construction toys and related products and services (including Lego board games, retail stores, Lego video games, Lego films, Legoland theme parks, and Lego Serious Play consultant services), with a significant impact on various areas of popular culture. Despite its expansion, the company remains privately held.

One of the most recent curiosities: In November 2020, Lego announced its largest set to date: a replica of the Colosseum in Rome containing 9,036 pieces. The set overtakes the previous record holder, the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise.

I am rather an exception, as I was – I still am – a fan of Mattel with my huge collection of Barbie dolls – but my son would even build me a Lego house for my Barbies if I asked him. For me it’s always been about Lego bricks. 

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