Trolley Dolly – the bag that’s for life!


Trolley-Dolly is a compact, stylish pouch that contains 18 virtually indestructible bags for life of variety shapes, sizes and purposes.

It’s creator is a lady called Zoe Phayre-Mudge who had a eureka moment whilst queuing at the supermarket check-out.

With its new format and fabulous new fabrics, it is the perfect and practical option for stylish shoppers with an eco conscience. I absolutely love it also as a normal bag. The poppy fabrics is amazing.

The new format Trolley-DollyTM, the world’s first compact, stylish pouch that now comes packed full of 18 bags and more and is available in a gorgeous range of stylish new fabrics.

The Trolley-Dolly was created as the result of a ‘eureka moment’ experienced by its inventor, busy working-mum, Zoe Phayre-Mudge. Standing in line at her local supermarket she suddenly saw a practical solution to the perennial plastic bag problem. “Yes I want to help save the planet but I need more than a few flimsy organic cotton bags to cope with my weekly family shop”.

In its latest incarnation, the Trolley-Dolly™ contains 10 separate Dolly-Bags™ made from an indestructible, lightweight, rip-stop nylon. Dolly-Bags™ come in three shapes and sizes: 8 large shopping bags, 1 bottle bag and a box bag. What’s more, the Trolley-Dolly™ includes 8 washable net bags for your fruit and veg.

Says Zoe: “As a busy mum, juggling work and home-life, I know how sometimes doing your bit for the environment can mean anxiety and inconvenience. However, I know that once tried the Trolley-Dolly(TM) proves itself to be a positive pleasure. It looks brilliant, it’s as easy as those plastic bags at the check-out and the Dolly-Bags™ are practically indestructible. That’s why we say “Use one of these and leave an impression not a footprint!”

Trolley-Dolly™ is as convenient to use as regular plastic bags but with none of their environmental damage. Wear it over your shoulder, or attach it to the supermarket trolley and when you get to the check-out simply pull out the number of bags needed. Once everything is unpacked at home, the Dolly-Bags™ are easily stuffed back into the Trolley-Dolly™ ready for the next shopping trip.

As the ‘princess of prints’ Zoe has used her legendary eye for colour to ensure that the Trolley-Dolly™ is also a visual feast. Latest designs include lovely new spot colours, cow print and the brand new cream and black floral.

Independently tested against leading supermarket plastic bags, the Trolley-Dolly(TM) is available to buy from, costing £29.95.

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