Summer in the city

Here are the most useful products to survive the summer in the City. Enjoy!

The perfect shoes for the summer 2012

Outdoor brand Hi-Tec Harmony collection consists of Italian designed footwear, designed by women, for women, that effortlessly cope with both the rugged outdoors and urban environments – the perfect combination of comfort and style.

I was already a customer of Hi-Tec as I use their shoes for my fencing training but this model is so comfortable that I forgot a few times to take them off at home and thought I was wearing slippers. Hats off to Hi-Tec for making such comfy shoes for mums on the run all day long. These shoes will be perfect for going around London this summer especially for those mums who will go to the Olympics. Lots of walking will be involved considering public transport will be full of tourists 🙂

The new Harmony Series provides the ultimate in outdoor performance whilst ensuring the wearer looks good. Made with the highest quality materials and featuring ground-breaking technology, the latest Hi-Tec range features every type of footwear needed by the modern woman to overcome the toughest terrain, be it the great outdoors or the urban jungle.

Baby Sling

At the Olympic Games this summer people are advised not to go with prams but use slings instead. Baby Slings appear to be mandatory for The Olympics “Babes in Arms” Tickets. And what a great opportunity for those strong daddies to bond with their babies while watching their favourite sport. Check London Mums recommendations.


Compact Tweezers by Shavata

Very precise and smooth tweezers for mums on the go

Lip balm

To keep your lips smooth and protected this summer

KALME UNDERCOAT – stops all sun cream/cosmetics allergies

Spots, rashes and swollen bits are all typical problems that arise from wearing high factor sun creams, and with the official advice from NICE advice being that everyone should wear at least SPF 30 to avoid skin cancer, high factor sun creams are high on this summer’s agenda.

The problem is that many people’s skin’s react to high SPF creams, resulting in spots, rashes and localised swelling. I am one of them and found this product very good for my skin sensitive to the chemicals in normal cream.

KALME Undercoat should be applied as an ‘undercoat’ before sun creams or SPF foundations are applied to help de-sensitise skin. Allow for 15 minutes before for UNDERCOAT to sink into skin before applying other products.

RRP £7.75 (75ml): Available from or call: 0844 7009975

Liquorice rescue lip gel

Cold sores affect almost 30 million people in the UK, in particular during the summer season when the majority of cold sore sufferers get their worst outbreaks due to the increased sun and stress of travelling to holiday destinations.
A new natural cold sore rescue gel containing an extract of liquorice and melissa oil could help reduce the intensity of cold sore outbreaks or even stop them in their tracks.

RRP £7.95 for 15ml call: 0844 7009975 or visit


Exfoliating body wash

Get your skin absolutely smooth and ready for sunbathing with this brilliant exfoliating body wash. We loved it!

Ear’s a secret for summer weight loss!

Acupressure has long been used by thousands of people as an effective aide to tackling health issues including weight loss. But now, instead of having to regularly visit a therapist to help you lose weight, you can take advantage of the benefits of acupressure yourself, 24-hours a day by using an ingenious clinically tested acupressure device that attaches discretely to your ear. We tried SlenderBeads for a few months and we loved the fact that it removes the chocolate cravings that really make you want to eat sugary stuff.

This product is amazing actually! It was developed by two medical doctors, a neurologist and a physical medicine specialist and combine ancient eastern medicines with modern neurological principles to suppress your appetite without drugs by applying pressure to specific acupressure points in the ear and stimulating the neurological reflexes that correspond with your appetite and metabolic rate.

SlenderBeads use auricular appetite suppression points on the Tragus which, in Western Medicine, is explained by causing reflex stimulation of the Vagus Nerve. This slows stomach emptying, increases feeling of fullness and lessens hunger. Initial clinical studies showed an average weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week when used properly for individuals motivated to lose weight. They are exclusively available from Indigo Health. Call 0844 097 1975 or visit

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