Six essential items any mother should invest in

Raising children is not for the fainthearted. From the moment you feel your baby move, to the school run, your life is beautifully altered forever. Match that with sleepless nights, dealing with various fluids and rediscovering yourself; some essential items can make Mum life more manageable.

Society has a lot to answer for! Motherhood is stressful enough without the added expectations that the world has to offer.

So, to help ease the burden, here are our 6 essential items any mother should invest in:

1.   A baby sleeping bag

Supersoft and comforting, investing in a baby sleeping bag can revolutionise bedtime. With their often fun and stylish designs, sleeping bags have become a number 1 hit with Mum’s the world over. Offering a familiar sleeping environment for your babe, children get to sleep faster!

Not only do they look great, but baby sleeping bags also provide a safe place for your babe to sleep. Functioning like a blanket but with armholes and zip, a baby sleeping bag will prevent your little ones head from accidentally getting covered as they sleep.

With a variety of TOGs available to cover the warmest summer months, as well as the chilliest winter nights, there’s a lot to like.


2.   Weighted blanket

For a lot of parents out there, sleep feels like a thing of the past. Separation anxiety, sensory disorders and conditions like ADHD can make bedtime a stressful part of your evening. Not only that, but once your child has finally fallen asleep, they will likely wake again.

Fortunately, innovative minds are working behind the scenes to help get you and your child a better nights sleep. Weighted blankets provide a safe, secure and comfortable place for your child to relax. Anxiety is reduced, and your little one will naturally feel more at ease.

The pressure of a weighted blanket feels like a warm hug, so your little one can feel safe they drift into a deeper and longer sleep. As a result, you can claim back some of your lost evenings and have some quality you time!


3.   Electric toothbrush

Any mother who claims to have nailed toothbrushing from the beginning deserves a crown. From the toddler tantrums to a five-year-old’s sass, getting your child to brush their teeth is a battle.

So let’s make toothbrushing fun again!


Building good oral hygiene routines from the start will set your child up for life. Targeting plaque buildup and hard to reach spots, an electric toothbrush can work wonders. Brightly coloured and often sporting flashing lights, an electric toothbrush can transform any mother’s parenting toolkit!

Dentists recommend that all children should brush at least twice a day for two minutes. So, get creative. Play your little one’s favourite song or make up a story to get them involved in the toothbrushing action!


4.   Buggy board

Growing your family is a strange experience. Transporting your newborn and toddler from A to B is a whole new ball game. Mum’s on the run have never been more thankful for the revolutionary buggy board!

Adaptable and space-saving, buggy boards simply clip on to your stroller and away you go. Coming in a range of styles from the classic step-on board to the adaptable scooter board, there’s a lot to like.

You know your child better than anyone, so play to their strengths. Are they going to be happier up close to you, or thrive with the independence of a scooter?


5.   Time for self-care

Life after a child will never be the same. Everything you once knew about yourself has been overturned by a tiny human. What’s more, they are a smaller and more sassy version of yourself, and like most mums, you struggle to find time in the day for just you.

Wake. Dress. Day with the kiddo. Repeat.

When was the last time you took care of yourself?

Childbirth is one of the most terrifyingly beautiful moments. From your first contraction to finally seeing your little one’s face, your body has been through more stress and trauma than most will face in a lifetime. So, be kind to yourself.

Taking a moment to rejuvenate your body and mind will help you to find out who you are now.

Let’s face it, your body has been through a lot! So take your time to address problem areas like cellulite with skin firming creams or acne buildup on your face. Allow yourself to feel refreshed when you wake in the morning after a bedtime pamper session and lock in some much-needed moisture!


6.   Invest in a good book

Developing communication, how we perceive the world and how we think all starts from the moment we are born. It is never too early to read to your child.

A bonding experience like no other, storytelling is a precious thing to share with your babe. The story, how you both respond and the emotions are yours together. There’s nothing else like it!


Motherhood is beautiful, timeless and yours. Invest in what makes your time with your child enjoyable and never forget – you are the most essential thing in your babe’s life!

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