Shopping in pandemic times

Shopping during lockdown has been quite challenging. Since day one, without a car I thought I could rely on online shopping only to find out that my strategy of no bulk shopping prior to self-isolation had been penalising for me. I have never been able to get a delivery because I don’t fall under a category of people who need assistance. However, I have finally found a great service that delivers 24 hours a day in London and I want to shout it to the world. It’s, the largest UK ‘on-demand’ grocery business, with over 15,000 registered drivers on hand to deliver your groceries straight to your door within 90 minutes. 

I was not only impressed with the speed of delivery which, in my case, was less than 60 minutes from my order, but also with the courtesy and flexibility of the driver/shopper. When my bag arrived, I noticed that one item was missing. I needed a bag of almonds and the driver went back and looked in 4 different supermarkets until he eventually managed to source them. He came back at 11pm just to bring me the packet. 

Beelivery has made shopping in pandemic times a much more pleasant experience. Shame I wasn’t aware of this service at the start of the quarantine. I found out that it was actually established in 2015 for people with limited mobility, or for those who simply appreciate the convenience and quick turnaround of a grocery delivery. Beelivery is now the ideal solution for these unprecedented times of mass self-isolation.

When a customer orders, they find them a driver within one mile of their address. The drivers visit the closest supermarket or convenience store to them to purchase the products, and they can visit any shop. This means that the distance between the driver, the shop and the customer is kept to a minimum, making this service the fastest possible for quick delivery.

In the past few weeks, demand has obviously massively increased as these drivers offer and invaluable service, supporting families and individuals who are unable, or trying to limit the number of times they leave their homes, to go grocery shopping.

Beelivery offers a wide range of products from fresh and frozen meal staples such as meat, fish, bakery items, pantry items, vegetables and fruit, to snacks and alcohol, and home cleaning products.

Due to this unique logistics model, with immense network of localised drivers, Beelivery supports cities, towns and villages UK-wide with delivery of grocery essentials, as well as other confectionery and snacking items. To be of additional assistance at this time of self-isolation, they have now expanded the delivery fleet further to meet the vastly growing demand.

The service is easy to use. Simply register for an account on or download the Beelivery App from the App Store or Google Play. There is a minimum order value of £12.00, and delivery is from £1.99.

To begin your order, type your postcode in the search box on the homepage, and you will be directed through to the product order page. Select which products you want, choose when you want the order delivered and then click ‘Checkout’.

Follow the payment instructions to pay for your order. After payment you will be given a 4-digit PIN code (it will also be emailed to you). You will need to give this PIN to the Beelivery driver when they bring your order.

The Beelivery team is available to process orders Monday to Friday: 7am to 2am, Saturday: 7am to 2am and Sunday: 8am to 10pm.

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