Real adventures start in the garden

Fuelled by the young imaginations of children, Plum® Climbing Frames allow children to explore active and fun-filled play. Choose from tiny towers for toddlers, fun-filled play centres for acrobats, or hideouts for the aspiring adventurers among us. All Plum® climbing frames allow children to overcome physical challenges as they develop into budding explorers of the outdoors.


Powered by adventurous imaginations and enthusiastic discoverers, The Plum® Climbing Cube becomes the perfect mission HQ at the bottom of the garden. Made from premium FSC certified timber, Plum’s Cube is strong and durable, built to withstand long summers and wet winters in the wildest of gardens. Suitable for aged three years and over it will provide years of fun as a child grows.

With lots of features for climbing, swinging, and sliding, the Plum® Climbing Cube is ideal for acting outdaring endeavours as children scale the giant rock wall, swoop down the slide, and scramble up the cargo net to safety.

The Climbing Cube is constructed from FSC certified pine, which is strong, sturdy, and has been pressure treated against rot and insect damage, to inspire adventures for years on end.


  • Wooden climbing platform with steps
  • 8ft Wave Slide with hose pipe attachment
  • Camouflage fabric den with a roll-down door
  • Rock wall with coloured hand and foot grips
  • Cargo scramble net
  • Double length wooden monkey bars
  • Wooden ladder
  • Double-length trapeze gymnastic bars.

The Plum Climbing Cube Wooden Play Centre costs £599.99 from

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