Potty Training review: Potty Time Elmo

The month of June recognises Potty Training Awareness month and so what better time than to review and learn about helpful tips and products that can ease the process?! London Mums were delighted to be able to review a hotly tipped toy and product for the year – Potty Time Elmo – which can help both parents and toddlers aged 18 months and up on their potty training journey.

Potty Time Elmo - girl playing with Elmo during potty training

Potty Time Elmo – available from Amazon – is priced at £34.99 and is a super soft and huggable plush, made from 100% recycled fill, which acts as a supportive companion  for toddlers, easing the transition from nappies to toilets!

This product helps make the potty training process fun, as it is an interactive role play toy, with accessories including a sippy cup that activates sipping sounds when held to Elmo’s mouth, a training potty, a sticker chart for rewards and realistic tinkling and flushing effects.

Little ones can copy and learn with Potty Time Elmo who has interactive cute giggles and phrases like; “Elmo’s ready for the potty,” “Now Elmo can wash his hands,” and “Don’t forget to flush.” If Elmo doesn’t make it on time, he  reminds children that accidents happen and when Elmo has potty success, he sings a happy potty song and kids can put a sticker on his chart. The Elmo plush even comes dressed in a cute yellow graphic T-shirt and removable pants, adding to the overall replication of the real potty training journey for both parents and toddlers.

Potty Training - Sesame Street Potty Time Elmo

For parents, potty training is a huge and exciting milestone, but can also be a slightly daunting and difficult process to tackle! Potty Time Elmo is endorsed by Potty training guru Amanda Jenner,  for its benefits with helping parents along with the process and she said of the toy: “Having a special friend like Potty Time Elmo on this journey is one I know will comfort little ones and give them the encouragement they need throughout the process and beyond.”

Amanda explains why the interactive and role play elements of this prooduct are so important, stating that: “Often toddlers like to copy, so by adding in Potty Time Elmo to the potty training journey, it will help to engage them in fun and interactive role play. With his cute cues and prompts, their attention will immediately be captured and in turn little ones are likely to copy his actions.”

Potty Time Elmo will make an excellent gift for family or friends embarking on their potty training journey, providing comfort to little ones and help to parents! Older preschool children aged 3-5 will also enjoy interacting and playing with Elmo, encouraging him to use the potty as they were once taught.

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