Mother’s Day in the time of self-isolation

Let’s face it, Mother’s Day this year – on 22nd March – will be different as we will be in self-isolation for the first time in our lifetime. A pandemic is like a war and we need to learn how to be patient and cheer ourselves up enjoying the little things in life. Mothers are called to be carers, mumpreneurs, companions and lovers. So I find myself reflecting on the significance of motherhood in my life and in my fellow mums’ lives too. Mum, mamma, Mutter etc. in whatever language this small word carries a big meaning for all of us. That meaning partly depends on how we feel about our own mothers and grandmothers and also what our communities expect of mothers. 

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We each have different pictures in our heads about how we should be, or want to be, as a mother. Most mothers learn as they go, influenced by the way they were brought up or by what they have read or watched others do. The job that mothers do of shaping and influencing the life of another human being must surely be the most important thing that anyone can do.

Becoming a mother brings a golden opportunity to improve family patterns or strengthen patterns from your own childhood. You can choose the kind of mum you want to be and the kind of childhood your own child experiences.

When you think of Mother’s Day, you often think about breakfast in bed and homemade gifts; doing something nice for your mum to show you love and appreciate her for everything she does. Even in time of self-isolation, mums deserve to be celebrated somehow. Here’s London Mums’ practical and beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day. 

Personalised pyjamas from Look & Cover: the perfect gift for the woman who does everything 

As we will be spending more time in self-isolation, I am worried that I will slip into complacent behaviour so I am implementing daily self-care practices. Luxury brand Look & Cover makes me feel comfortable in the house while looking good when opening the door to the postman. 

British lifestyle brand Look & Cover’s luxury jersey pyjamas are absolutely gorgeous and can be personalised. Take a look at the model sporting it and my own pictures. 

The Look & Cover jersey pyjama is the perfect pyjama for the mum that does everything, perfect for cooking in, taking the bins out in, practising yoga in or just relaxing in. Look & Cover’s range of matching women and children’s PJs is also cute. 

I love the personalised embroidery service of my initials MC both on the top and on the trousers. It’s free, too. In fact, all Look & Cover pyjamas include a personalised monogramming service free of charge, with up to three initials embroidered in Look & Cover’s studio in the North of England, plus an optional love heart just for Mother’s Day. The model I am sporting here is Pebble, Peacock and Midnight and is available here.

Look & Cover takes its inspiration from the modern mother – she’s often expected to be everywhere and everything at once, on the go and stressed, so each moment she can find to enjoy for herself is truly special. The pyjamas are thoughtfully designed to help make the absolute most of these little happy moments of R&R – something personal to make a hard-earned duvet day or Sunday breakfast in bed (or dare we say a trip to the shops) just that little bit more fabulous.

The pyjamas, which include a Jersey Pyjama Top and Jersey Pyjama Bottom, are crafted by a boutique atelier in ultra-soft, breathable jersey fabrics. The comfortable and classy pants feature a ribbon-tie waist with elastic, as well as cute cuffed ankles, making them perfect for movie marathons and days at home. The shirt features gorgeous details with a trimmed neckline and a gathered waist to perfectly complement the pants.  

The Jersey Pyjamas supplement the Look & Cover range of fabulous long and short 100% cotton PJs which are available in a range of pastel colours including rose, midnight, cloud, sage, seafoam, blossom and dusk. Having launched in October 2018, the lifestyle brand is available exclusively online and has quickly built a dedicated following on social media for its strong love for lazy days, self-care and truly thoughtful gifts. Look & Cover retails exclusively online at

In tough economic times, let’s buy British brands. I love the story of Look & Cover. It was founded by Cumbrian female entrepreneur, Anna Aston, and established for people who appreciate the little luxuries in life. The contemporary brand creates lifestyle items for special moments and launched its debut collection of women’s and children’s sleepwear in October 2018. Crafted by a boutique atelier, each piece comes with bespoke embroidery added at its studio in Penrith, Cumbria. 

Beautiful stuff 

Every mum on this planet would love this! Joy Tech Denim & Vegan Leather Backpack 

The gorgeous Award-winning Joy backpack by London Mums’ favourite accessories’ brand Kerikit, is perfect for mums with busy lifestyles who need practicality but don’t want to compromise on style.

The classic silhouette is fused with a modern and stylish edge, and contains Kerikit’s perfectly designed internal layout to keep baby items as well as sports gear, notebook and laptop up to 13/14″. Joy’s stunning style is trimmed with vegan leather trims and light gold hardware. The hard-wearing tech denim outer is durable, lightweight and waterproof.

RRP: £145.00

Available from

Beauty essentials 

Skincare is essential when you are stuck at home especially if you don’t drink enough water or if the air in your home is dry. I use lots of extra moisturisers in self isolation. My best friend right now is LOTIL, a great all round moisturiser that can be used by the whole family.  For 100 years LOTIL has been regarded as a super cream and given 10/10 by everyone that uses it. I am glad I have stocked it before self-isolating. It is the perfect present for mums. Lotil contains powerful emollients that repair and moisturise the most sensitive of skin types. The brand’s USP is it combines a variety of properties to prevent infections and the rich, non-greasy and deeply hydrating formula penetrates quickly for practical use. Lotil soothes skin after shaving your legs and arms and is a soap replacement for sufferers of very dry skin conditions. Ideal for use by diabetics who suffer from dry skin conditions, Lotil can also be used to combat the symptoms of both psoriasis and eczema. Lotil Cream is multi use and helps to keep all areas of the body silky smooth and leaves your skin in the best possible condition.One of my favourite products in this range is the lip balm. It keeps my lips moist day and night. Products can be purchased from 

Home yoga kit 

Self-isolation does not mean we have to give up on every sporting activity. We can log in on youtube and find virtual guided yoga lessons. I use this luxury yoga Combo Mat ($78) to do my daily practice and keep fit while my outdoor / indoor sports have stopped during the coronavirus pandemic. You can also gift one of these luxurious, eco-friendly yoga mats or eye-catching props from Yoga Design Lab.

“Me” time will hopefully be one of the things we’ll learn to appreciate more during this time. Whether you love getting out, working out or zenning out, YOGA DESIGN LAB has something for everyone! My Combo Mat is thick enough to keep yoga comfortable. It is a mat and towel combined – an all-in-one product. No more slipping or being disturbed by a bunching towel. It is made from natural tree rubber, recycled plastic bottle microfibres and water-based inks.

I love this colourful design and its softness to the touch. It brings me joy every time I look down during my down-facing dog pose. And I can rest there at the end of a workout without feeling the hardness of the floor. Check out London Mums’ Baby Yoga Guide.


Self care

I have been writing about self-care for a while. Here are some of my recent features on how to look after yourself. 

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Nice dark chocolate is always welcome in my books. My latest discovery is the dark chocolate rabbit from the Pierre Marcolini’s Easter collection 2020. Pierre Marcolini is from Brussels and for over 20 years he has been running the Maison of the same name (as the founder), and has perfected the art of making chocolate – from the bean to the bar.

Every year he travels across the globe, searching for the rarest cocoa with which to make the finest chocolate. I love his latest rabbit chocolate egg for this Easter. I have already finished one. You can treat yourself to one too and order it from

Here is a list of 200 ways to spell the name Mother in different languages

mum (the British word for mother) and mummy – not to be confused with the Egyptian mummified dead person.

mom (the North American way) and mommy

Language Mother
Afrikaans Moeder, Ma
Albanian Nënë, Mëmë
Arabic Ahm
Aragones (Spanish dialect) Mai
Asturian (Spanish dialect) Ma
Aymara Taica
Azeri (Latin Script) Ana
Basque (Spanish dialect) Ama
Belarusan Matka
Bergamasco Màder
Bolognese (Italian dialect from my hometown of Bologna in Northern Italy)
Bosnian Majka
Brazilian Portuguese Mäe
Bresciano Madér
Breton Mamm
Bulgarian Majka
Byelorussian Macii
Calabrese (Italian dialect from Calabria in Southern Italy)
Matre, Mamma
Caló Bata, Dai
Catalan Mare
Cebuano Inahan, Nanay
Chechen Nana
Croatian Mati, Majka
Czech Abatyse
Danish Mor
Dutch Moeder, Moer
Dzoratâi Mére
English Mother, Mama, Mom
Esperanto Patrino, Panjo
Estonian Ema
Faeroese Móðir
Finnish Äiti
Flemish Moeder
French Mère, Maman
Frisian Emo, Emä, Kantaäiti, Äiti
Furlan Mari
Galician Nai
German Mutter
Greek Màna
Griko Salentino, Mána
Hawaiian Makuahine
Hindi – Ma, Maji
Hungarian Anya, Fu
Icelandic Móðir
Ilongo Iloy, Nanay, Nay
Indonesian Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish Máthair
Italian Madre, Mamma
Japanese Okaasan, Haha
Judeo Spanish Madre
Kannada Amma
Kurdish Kurmanji Daya
Ladino Uma
Latin Mater
Leonese Mai
Ligurian Maire
Limburgian Moder, Mojer, Mam
Lingala Mama
Lithuanian Motina
Lombardo Occidentale (Italian dialect from the Lombardia region in the North) Madar
Lunfardo Vieja
Macedonian Majka
Malagasy Reny
Malay Emak
Maltese Omm
Mantuan Madar
Maori Ewe, Haakui
Mapunzugun Ñuke, Ñuque
Marathi Aayi
Mongolian `eh
Mudnés Medra, mama
Neapolitan (Italian dialect from the city of Naples) Mamma
Norwegian Madre
Occitan Maire
Old Greek Mytyr
Parmigiano (Italian dialect from the province of Parma) Mädra
Persian Madr, Maman
Piemontese (Italian dialect from the Piemonte region) Mare
Polish Matka, Mama
Portuguese Mãe
Punjabi Mai, Mataji, Pabo
Quechua Mama
Rapanui Matu’a Vahine
Reggiano Mèdra
Romagnolo (Italian dialect from the Romagna region where I was born!!!!!)
Romanian Mama, Maica
Romansh Mamma
Russian Mat’
Saami Eadni
Samoan Tina
Sardinian (Limba Sarda Unificada) Mama
Sardinian Campidanesu mamai
Sardinian Logudoresu Madre, Mamma
Serbian Majka
Shona Amai
Sicilian (from Sicily – Southern Italy)
Slovak Mama, Matka
Slovenian Máti
Spanish Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swahili Mama, Mzazi, Mzaa
Swedish Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Swiss German Mueter
Telegu Amma
Triestino Mare
Turkish Anne, Ana, Valide
Turkmen Eje
Ukrainian Mati
Urdu Ammee
Valencian Mare
Venetian Mare
Viestano Mamm’
Vietnamese me
Wallon Mére
Welsh Mam
Yiddish Muter


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