London Mums Ultimate Christmas Wish List 2023

As the holiday season approaches, London Mums Magazine presents the Ultimate Christmas Wish List, featuring a curated selection of gifts to delight every member of the family. This diverse Christmas Wish List caters to various tastes, ensuring a joyful and memorable holiday season for all. Stay tuned as London Mums explores hotels, restaurants, and attractions across London for exclusive reviews, providing the ultimate guide to festive experiences in the city.

secret santa christmas present gifts

Emporia mobile phones for grandparents

Emporia, a reputable Austrian brand with a longstanding history in producing user-friendly phones for seniors since 1991, recently expanded its offerings to the UK in 2020. The brand is known for delivering quality products, maintaining the standards expected from a European manufacturer.

emporia mobile phone london mums collage

One notable addition to their range is the emporiaSMART.6, a smartphone designed to cater to a more niche demographic – seniors or individuals who prefer a simplified mobile experience. The marketing, though explicitly targeted at seniors, raises questions about whether the features labelled as “Senior” are necessary or if they perpetuate stereotypes.

The Emporia Smart 6 stands out with practical features aimed at ease of use. The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor on the power button ensures secure and convenient access. Notably, the emergency button is programmed to dial up to five emergency numbers sequentially, sending an emergency SMS after confirmation – a valuable safety feature.

Equipped with 5G VoLTE technology, the smartphone boasts high voice quality and reduced background noise, making conversations clearer and compatible with hearing aids (M4/T4). The easy operation is emphasised through large buttons and intuitive symbols, simplifying calling and texting for seniors.

Noteworthy functionalities include NFC for contactless payments, allowing users to make transactions without carrying their wallet. The emporiaSMART.6 also supports voice input, adding another layer of convenience.

The emporia E6, described as a user-friendly 5G smartphone, offers top-tier features such as the latest 5G technology, a 50MP main camera, NFC capabilities, and a fingerprint sensor. A unique feature is the seamless switch between Android mode and emporia’s user interface, catering to the needs of their target audience.

In conclusion, the emporiaSMART.6 and emporia E6 stand as practical choices for seniors or those desiring a straightforward smartphone experience. The emphasis on simplicity, safety features, and collaboration with the target group sets Emporia apart in delivering tailored solutions for users who may not be tech-savvy. You can get the emporiaSMART.6 also from Amazon.


Wecasahairdressing at home (gift vouchers for busy mums)

Wecasa offers a flexible at-home hairdressing service across London and the Greater London area, available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. They provide services such as hairdressing, beauty, massage, cleaning, childcare, and sports coaching.

Monica Costa haircut at home collage

Booking a Wecasa hairstyling session is a simple two-click process, providing convenience for various needs. This service is particularly beneficial for young mothers, offering professional pampering without the need for travel or arranging childcare. The flexibility of scheduling appointments on Sundays or evenings, as well as the option for in-office services, caters to diverse lifestyles.

Wecasa hairstyling offers advantages such as time savings with no waiting at the salon and no commuting. The service’s flexibility ensures accessibility at times convenient for the client. Having the stylist at home, especially for mothers with young children, adds to the appeal of Wecasa.

I was very pleased with my hairdresser Galina, who provided a deep conditioning treatment, a sort of hair botox, did a quick haircut to remove split ends and refreshed my colour with a copper toner. I appreciate the user-friendly booking system and the service’s ability to accommodate last-minute requests. The at-home hairdressing experience was delightful, stress-free, and comparable in pricing to traditional salons – £100 for the whole service. Transforming my kitchen into a personal salon for a pampering session without travel was enjoyable, and I achieved dreamy results with the Wecasa hairstylist.

Wecasa‘s at-home hairdressing service stands out for its practicality, flexibility, and positive user feedback, making it a convenient choice for individuals and families seeking professional grooming services without leaving the comfort of their homes. The service operates from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, offering flexibility to suit various schedules.


Skiing clothing

In preparation for the anticipated cold winter, I turned to Mountain Warehouse, a reliable British brand that has consistently met my family’s needs, both on the slopes and in everyday city life. This year, my son had the opportunity to review the Comet II jacket and Glaciate Mens Neck Gaiter by Animal.

Mountain Warehouse Comet II jacket and Glaciate Mens Neck Gaiter by Animal

The Comet II Mens Ski Jacket boasts a modern aesthetic without compromising functionality. The jacket’s breathability and waterproof features, along with taped seams and a detachable snow skirt, ensure optimal performance on the slopes. Tested in a laboratory setting at -35 °C, it offers a reliable defense against extreme cold. The jacket’s multiple pockets, including a lift pass pocket, provide convenient storage options. The fabric composition includes polyamide and polyester for durability.

Additionally, the Glaciate Mens Neck Gaiter, priced at £12, is made from 100% recycled fleece, offering warmth and comfort. Its pull-on design, adorned with the iconic claw logo, provides effective protection against the cold.

Both the Comet II jacket and Glaciate Neck Gaiter align with Mountain Warehouse’s commitment to quality and functionality, making them reliable choices for winter apparel.


Luggage for the whole family

My quest to find the lightest suitcases led me to July, a contemporary luggage brand that recently launched in the UK, offering a range of travel products, including the Carry On Light, the lightest double-wheel suitcase globally.

July’s Carry On Light – The Lightest Double Wheel Suitcase:

Weighing in at a mere 1.8kg, the Carry On Light promises to revolutionise the packing game. With features like SilentMove 360° double spinner wheels, a German polycarbonate shell, and a water-resistant nylon lining, it’s a testament to the marriage of capacity and lightness.

travelling light july luggge collage

July’s Checked Light and Checked Plus Light:

Expanding their Light range, July introduced the Checked Light and Checked Plus Light, catering to those in need of larger options. With volumes of 75L and 110L respectively, these checked options offer spacious solutions without compromising on weight, making them ideal for extended travels.

travelling light july big luggage collage

July’s Family Set:

For the ultimate travel experience, July offers a complete Light Family Set, including the  Carry On Light, Checked Light, and Checked Plus Light, priced at £635. With a lifetime warranty, 100-day returns, and free shipping across the UK, July ensures that your travel investment is both practical and long-lasting.

Why July?

July aims to redefine travel with thoughtful design features tailored for busy families. The lightweight design eliminates the stress of strict luggage allowances, while features like double spinner wheels and stain-resistant lining make life on the go much more manageable. The set also nests perfectly inside each other for easy storage at home, a small but significant detail for the organised traveller.

Dream2Go Disney Spinner – A Magical travel solution for kids:

For the little travellers in your family, Samsonite Dream2Go Disney Spinner offers a magical solution and the key to travelling light with young children who are still interested in being carried around.

traveling light ride on suitcase for kids

Priced at £95.00, this cabin-sized suitcase, with a Frozen theme, is designed to captivate young ones. Not only is it visually appealing, but it’s also made from at least 70% recycled polypropylene, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. With a 5-year global warranty and practical features like a fixed lock and removable shoulder strap, it’s the ideal travel companion for young adventurers.


Bath-time gifts for mums and babies 

Nala’s Baby, a heartfelt family venture, delivers natural and trusted baby care. Crafted with love and extra care, their products cater from newborns to childhood, prioritising natural, non-toxic, soothing, and nourishing elements for delicate skin and scalp. Paediatrician and dermatologist-approved, these products are ideal for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

nala's baby gift set beauty for mums and babies

Going beyond quality, Nala’s Baby embraces social responsibility with ethical sourcing and eco-friendly, recyclable products. Achieving a top ‘Think Dirty’ app rating, they proudly stand as the only baby brand in Boots with this distinction.

London Mums reviewers praise Nala’s Baby for effectiveness and delight, particularly in the night oil, body butter, and body lotion. The brand’s efficiency in delivery and appealing gift sets earn commendation. Though users desire larger sizes, testimonials highlight delightful fragrances and effective moisturisation.

In a saturated market, Nala’s Baby emerges as a trustworthy choice, offering not just quality but a genuine commitment to your little one’s well-being. Their Bath-time Gift Set, priced at £25.99, is a perfect present for new mums and babies, featuring top-rated products beautifully packaged. Show you care with Nala’s Baby—available at


PJs for the whole family 

PJs family christmas

Mums and dads can get little ones into the festive spirit with Polarn O. Pyret‘s £28 Organic Cotton Reindeer Festive Pyjamas or Checked Adult Pyjamas (for £45). Crafted from soft organic cotton, these PJs feature a seasonal Nordic reindeer print on the long-sleeved top and an elasticated waistband on the coordinating bottoms for a comfy fit. The plain – coloured cuffs can be folded up or down, ensuring your kids enjoy them for longer. As a sustainable Swedish brand offering quality clothing for babies and children up to age 12, Polarn O. Pyret doesn’t disappoint.

London mums reviewers rave about  the quality, comfort, and sustainability of this brand. These festive PJs are a delightful addition to the whole family’s bedtime wardrobe.

Sleeping Bags with Feet

baby playing with fox plush

London Mums can take advantage of 20% off when you spend over £40 using code LONDON20 at checkoutAvailable at


Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Currently priced at £15.99

Pure Silk Pillowcase Champagne Colour 100% Mulberry

This luxurious pillowcase is handmade from high quality silk. It’s 100% Mulberry silk – a combination of extreme softness, thickness and shine with an envelope closing. This is a natural fibre which is highly durable and also hypoallergenic – which is great for sensitive skin!

Silks silk absorbs up to less than 50% moisture from skin compared to cotton pillowcases, which will help to retain your skin and hairs moisture. Silks silk allows your skin and hair to glide smoothly across the pillowcase, preventing friction and dryness.

Your hair will be healthier, shinier, with less dryness, less breakage and frizz – it is just perfect especially for curly hair.

Your skin will be able to breathe, with less breakouts, less dryness, no waking up to pillow crease marks, much healthier. 

Amazon’s Small Business Gift Finder stockist details:

Amazon prices are correct at time of going to print and apply to purchases from For latest prices, please visit



Groov-e digital camera

kids camera christmas gift

Affordable, fun digital camera for children aged four and above. The built-in memory allows for content to be stored on the camera.

RRP £25

Available now on Groov-e’s website and Robert Dyas  –


Security camera – Ezviz FHD Motion Sensor Camera

security camera

The Ezviz FHD Motion Sensor Camera is a reliable and advanced solution for enhancing home security. With its Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt functionality, this camera provides comprehensive coverage, allowing you to monitor every corner of your space effortlessly. The built-in motion detection feature ensures that any unusual activity is promptly detected, offering an extra layer of protection for your home and loved ones.

The smart night vision capability of the Ezviz FHD Camera ensures clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions, providing 24/7 surveillance without compromising on image quality. Additionally, the smart tracking feature adds an intelligent touch, allowing the camera to follow movement automatically and ensuring that no event goes unnoticed.

Setting up the Ezviz FHD Motion Sensor Camera is user-friendly, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through its various features. Whether you are at home or on the go, the camera’s remote accessibility ensures that you can keep an eye on your property in real-time through the Ezviz app.

In summary, the Ezviz FHD Motion Sensor Camera is a versatile and effective tool for maintaining the safety of your home. With its combination of pan and tilt capabilities, motion detection, smart night vision, and smart tracking, it stands as a reliable choice for those seeking a comprehensive home security solution. Buy in-store at B&M or check more Security products online.

RRP 26


iSOUL 4-Port USB Hub, Currently priced at £5.94

iSOUL 4-Port USB Hub

Amazon’s Small Business Gift Finder stockist details:

The iSOUL USB Hub, a 4-Port Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 hub, proves to be a versatile and convenient solution for connecting multiple USB devices effortlessly. With a slim design, this hub accommodates up to 4 USB devices, making it a practical choice for users with various peripherals such as memory sticks, hard disks, mice, keyboards, printers, cameras, speakers, scanners, and card readers.

One of its standout features is the super-speed data transfer capability, allowing for the swift transfer of HD movies in seconds. This ensures efficiency and convenience for users dealing with large files or data-intensive tasks.

The hub’s ultra-slim and lightweight design make it ideal for on-the-go usage. Its compact travel format allows it to easily fit into laptop bags or backpacks, ensuring that users can carry it wherever they need to go.

A notable feature of the iSOUL USB Hub is its external USB power supply. The hub draws power directly from the PC USB socket, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. The integrated USB cable simplifies the connection process, enhancing the hub’s portability.

Moreover, the hub is designed with protection and stability in mind. It incorporates built-in surge protection to safeguard connected devices from potential electrical issues. The overload protection for voltage and current not only protects the hub itself but also ensures the safety of all connected devices.

In conclusion, the iSOUL USB Hub combines practicality, speed, and safety, making it a reliable choice for users seeking an efficient solution to expand their USB connectivity.

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Customers can shop small and support over 100,000 independent sellers and small businesses through Amazon’s Small Business Storefront.


Useful presents

Specsavers TEEN 139 The Specsavers TEEN 139 glasses offer a stylish and on-trend eyewear option for teenagers. The retro round shape, coupled with the translucent design, adds a touch of fashionable flair to the frames. Crafted from clear acetate plastic with a subtle sky-blue tint, these glasses provide a refreshing and modern look. One standout feature of the TEEN 139 is its excellent value for money, especially considering they are prescription glasses tailored for teenagers. With a recommended retail price (RRP) of £89, these glasses combine affordability with a trendy design, making them a practical and stylish choice for young eyeglass wearers. Overall, Specsavers delivers a budget-friendly and fashionable eyewear option with the TEEN 139 model. RRP £89

Specsavers TEEN 139

The Specsavers TEEN 139 glasses offer a stylish and on-trend eyewear option for teenagers. The retro round shape, coupled with the translucent design, adds a touch of fashionable flair to the frames. Crafted from clear acetate plastic with a subtle sky-blue tint, these glasses provide a refreshing and modern look.

One standout feature of the TEEN 139 is its excellent value for money, especially considering they are prescription glasses tailored for teenagers. With a recommended retail price (RRP) of £89, these glasses combine affordability with a trendy design, making them a practical and stylish choice for young eyeglass wearers. Overall, Specsavers delivers a budget-friendly and fashionable eyewear option with the TEEN 139 model.

RRP £89




Voxblock Starter Pack


Includes player, three stories and protective bumper.

Voxblock is the screen-free audiobook player for children aged 3-12.  Designed for kids, with no need for WiFi, downloads or set-up, the tangible audiobooks slot into the easy-to-use player. Voxblock is lightweight and portable, for use anywhere. With a growing library of over 150 audiobooks, there’s something for everyone. Begin with a Starter Pack, it includes a Voxblock player, three stories and a protective bumper for £59.99. Buy at

RRP £59.99 







Home Gifts

bathroom storage unit

Maine Bathroom Storage Unit – White RRP £18

The Maine Bathroom Storage Unit in White effortlessly brings a touch of New England style to your home. Characterized by its simplicity, functionality, clean lines, and crisp white finish, this premium piece of bathroom furniture is both stylish and practical.

The compact dimensions of W31 x D17 x H33cm make it an excellent space-saving solution for your bathroom. Weighing in at just 3.4kg, it’s easy to move and reposition as needed.

Available in a choice of colours, including Grey and White, this storage unit complements a variety of bathroom decor styles. Its versatile design allows it to seamlessly integrate into different settings.

Whether you’re looking to declutter your bathroom space or add a finishing touch to your decor, the Maine Bathroom Storage Unit offers both style and functionality. Explore more options in the Bathroom Furniture range online or visit your nearest B&M store to bring this elegant piece into your home.



mascara gift set

Lash & Lift Gift Set by Green People – £23.00 
Elevate your lash game with this natural makeup gift set, perfect for sensitive eyes. The kit includes a Volumising Mascara in intense black (7ml) and a Gentle Cleanser & Makeup Remover (10ml). Experience the gentle touch of mineral makeup, enhancing your eyes with long, naturally defined lashes. The mascara’s plant actives promote healthy lash growth, while the lash-lifting wand eliminates the need for curlers. Effortlessly achieve a natural day look or add drama with a second coat for voluminous lashes. The organic cream cleanser ensures easy makeup removal at the end of the day. With natural and organic ingredients, cruelty-free practices, and sustainability in mind, this set is kind to your sensitive eyes and the environment.



Modibodi Teen Holiday Gifting Pack

Modibodi Teen Holiday Gifting 2 Pack

Upgrade your period wear with Modibodi’s Teen Holiday Gifting 2 Pack, offering both comfort and style. These super comfy hipster bikinis feature a festive upgrade with soft Organic Cotton and a low-rise fit, now available in a convenient 2-pack.

With the absorbent lining, these panties provide period protection and everyday comfort. The patented leak-proof technology ensures both breathability and absorbency, making them a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads, liners, or tampons.

The Merino Wool lining naturally absorbs moisture, controls odour, and prevents stains. Plus, with OEKO-TEX 100 Certification, Modibodi guarantees the use of no harmful chemicals. Say goodbye to old, uncomfortable period pants – embrace the comfort, style, and sustainability of Modibodi’s Teen Holiday Gifting 2 Pack, available for £17.00.




Cute toys

Vilac Classic Car – Hippychick

hippychick clssic car

London Mums can take advantage of 20% off discount using code LONDON20 at checkout.

RRP £119.95

Available at


Classic World Pull Train

pull train

London Mums can take advantage of 20% off discount using code LONDON20 at checkout.

RRP £27.95

Available from



Classic World Coffee Maker

coffee maker for kids

London Mums can take advantage of 20% off discount using code LONDON20 at checkout.

RRP £24.95

Available from




Dolls dolls dolls

Dolls have always been my passion. This year, there are so many new fashion dolls on the market. You don’t need to be a young girl to play with them. These are my absolute favourite ones.

Disney Frozen Singing Doll – Anna by Mattel

anna frozen doll

 To celebrate Frozen’s 10th anniversary, Mattel has created a new singing doll which is simply delightful. Anna sings ‘For the First Time in Forever’ and wears her signature necklace and castle fashion with removable soft skirt.

RRP: £29.99

Available from all good retailers


Barbie Stacie

stacie barbie

Available from BM stores 


Disney Wish Asha of Rosas Collectible Fashion Doll

Disney Wish Dahlia of Rosas Collectible Fashion Doll

Barbie Doll Magical Ballerina


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