London Mums shopping is NOW officially launched!!!

Dear London Mums

I am delighted to announce London Mums Shopping powered by Milkster.

retro beach London Mums Shopping

London Mums was born in September 2006 to support mums across London, in 7 years we have grown into an amazing community.

Aligned with our mission, London Mums Shopping helps us extend the utility of London Mums and allow members to count on one another for product recommendations and daily inspiration.

These are the 3 things that you’ll immediately be able to do:


Inspire & Get Inspired

With London Mums Shopping each one of us will enable other members of the community to discover hidden treasures and useful things by *adding* these things to their collections

Collect & Organize

With London Mums Shopping you can save your best finds in your collections and go back to see them in your moments of leisure (kids in bed or off to school) 🙂

Savvy Purchases

Ultimately the objective is to help everyone of us make savvier decisions when it comes to shopping. From the Glamorous Gala Dress to things for the house.

Editor’s Choice & Weekly Shopping Newsletter

To maintain the quality high we are also looking for members who would be more active in helping the community as ‘editors’ and help by reviewing the best and most popular items and which will be featured in a newsletter.

For Creatives/Businesses:

All creatives/designers on London Mums will showcase their products on their profile so that they become available for the community

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Personalized and Curated Experience

The London Mums Editorial team together with the Milkster team curates the best products from all over the world and will features amazing ones to provide further inspiration.

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Monica Costa, Founder of Londonmums & Sal Matteis, CEO/Co-founder Milkster

Remarkable Products. Unique collections.

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