London Mums pick best new toys for Christmas 2019

Christmas would not be the same without some Barbie dolls and Lego bricks under my Christmas tree. Any toys from these brands have been in London Mums’ wish list for a very long time. This Christmas the London Mums’ kids’ club have chosen two transport-related toys both from the exclusive Tesco range. Check them out.


The bright pink convertible car comes complete with silver rims and side mirrors, and stylish black seats. Barbie herself is decked out in a floral dress and pink shoes to match the car.

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Sheryl Fetrick Photographer/Stylist

This Barbie is a dream come true for all girls and mums who can play along (I would anyway) pretending to get Barbie cruising around town in her hot pink, convertible sports car and sporting her fashionable outfit and pink vehicle (all a bit fluffy, of course, but I am still so in love with Barbie after all these years). Mattel have made the effort over the years to adapt Barbie to the changing times by making her rounder, pregnant, and doing all the best jobs including an astronaut. As a little girl growing up, Barbie has always been my favourite doll, the one that allowed me to play my imagination games and dream big. Young minds can take off and explore all of the roads before them because you can be anything with Barbie. This is not just a slogan because pretend games are still very important especially now that children rely too much on video games and use very little imagination to create their own stories. My storytelling career started when I played in my room with my Barbie dolls and built her a house inside my cupboard, made some furniture out of cardboard, created storylines with my friends and played for hours. Dreams were made right there. 

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Sheryl Fetrick Photographer/Stylist

Barbie’s pink convertible car and doll with sunglasses is a classic Barbie item. In fact, I have an older version which looks very similar. 

The two-seater convertible has a stylish signature print interior and Barbie license plate, it has rolling wheels, an open roof, silvery side view mirrors and seatbelts. The car has wheels that roll to start a story with a simple push. In this pack there’s only one doll. Other dolls are sold separately. I love Barbie’s outfit too:  she wears a lovely floral print dress, pink shoes and cool sunglasses. 

This doll and the car are recommended for children who are 3+. There are small parts that can be dangerous to younger kids. 

Available from Tesco in store and Tesco online


Tesco has recently announced a huge LEGO half price sale, which should make Christmas shopping a breeze this year. They’ve slashed the price of a number of gift sets, and in some sets are even half price.

London Mums’ favourite set has to be the 403-piece Lego Knight Bus from the Harry Potter themed range. 

It’s an ideal gift and includes the purple three-tier bus from Harry Potter, a conductor and driver figures, along with Harry’s school trunk. The set comes complete a removable roof and side panel.


We know the connection to the books and the movies: Lost far from home or need to escape an approaching moment of great peril- Thankfully, the Knight Bus is available for Wizards in need. Coming to Harry Potter’s rescue before he began his third year at Hogwarts, the distinctive triple-decker bus is magically enchanted to speed through the streets, squeeze through any gap, and brake in an instant, enabling it to reach any destination (except those underwater). While Harry is a passenger, the three levels of the bus are furnished with beds for an overnight stay on long trips, as well as a chandelier to bring a touch of class to the interior.
This is a realistic model of the Triple Decker Knight Bus and part of the official Harry Potter merchandise. It’s in 1:76 scale and measures 10.5cm in length.  

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