Kelly Loves Sushi kit review: Unleash your inner Sushi chef at home

Sushi, a popular Japanese delicacy, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people worldwide. While it may seem intimidating to make sushi at home, with a little practice and the right techniques, you can create beautiful and delicious sushi rolls right in your own kitchen. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to help you master the art of making sushi at home using Kelly Loves Sushi kit.

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Kelly Loves, a renowned Japanese snacks and drinks brand, offers an enticing culinary experience with their Ultimate Sushi Kit. This kit is designed to bring the Far East’s flavours and excitement into the comfort of your own home. With a comprehensive selection of ingredients and tools, Kelly Loves enables you to create a variety of delectable sushi rolls and maki, complete with toppings like fried onions, ginger, and wasabi. Whether you’re looking to explore your culinary creativity with your family or impress your taste buds, the Kelly Loves Sushi Kit is an ideal choice. And what better occasion than Father’s Day to appreciate and bond over the art of sushi making?

The Complete Sushi-Making Experience

The Ultimate Sushi Kit by Kelly Loves equips you with everything you need to embark on a sushi-making adventure. Let’s explore the components that make this kit a must-have for sushi enthusiasts:

kelly loves sushi ultimate kit

  1. Bamboo Rolling Mat: A traditional bamboo mat is included in the kit, which allows for easy and precise rolling of sushi. Its natural material ensures durability and authenticity, giving you a genuine sushi-making experience.
  2. Sushi Rice: With 500g of high-quality sushi rice included, you can be confident in achieving the perfect texture and flavour for your sushi creations. This premium rice is the foundation of any great sushi dish and is essential for achieving an authentic taste.
  3. Nori Sheets: The kit provides 7 nori sheets, which are seaweed wrappers used to hold the ingredients together. These sheets are essential for creating the classic sushi roll and add a subtle umami flavour to each bite.
  4. Sushi Vinegar: The 150ml bottle of sushi vinegar enhances the flavour of the rice, giving it the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. This pre-made vinegar saves you time and effort in preparing the rice seasoning.
  5. Spicy Mayo: Kelly Loves has also included a 285g bottle of spicy mayo, adding a kick of flavour to your sushi rolls. This creamy and zesty condiment complements the ingredients and gives your sushi a delightful twist. I love this spicy Mayo even on eggs.
  6. Ginger: The kit includes 150g of ginger, a staple ingredient in sushi that cleanses the palate between bites. The pickled ginger adds a refreshing touch and enhances the overall sushi experience.
  7. Crispy Fried Onions: To add a delightful crunch to your sushi, Kelly Loves offers 150g of crispy fried onions. These onions not only provide texture but also impart a savoury and slightly sweet flavour to your rolls.
  8. Wasabi: No sushi experience is complete without a touch of wasabi. The 87g portion of wasabi included in the kit adds a spicy kick and complements the other flavours in your sushi rolls. I am not a fan of Wasabi but my friends are.
  9. Bamboo Lid Bento Box: The kit comes with a bamboo lid bento box, perfect for serving and presenting your homemade sushi creations. This elegant and eco-friendly box adds an authentic touch to your dining experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

The Kelly Loves Sushi Kit encourages culinary exploration and creativity. With this kit, you have the freedom to experiment with various combinations of vegetables, meats, and seafood fillings. Whether you prefer traditional ingredients like cucumber, avocado, and crab or opt for more adventurous choices like mango or tempura shrimp, the possibilities are endless. The kit provides a solid foundation, allowing you to focus on flavor pairings and presentation, resulting in restaurant-worthy sushi rolls.

Making Sushi at Home Made Easy

One of the remarkable aspects of the Kelly Loves Sushi Kit is how accessible it makes sushi-making for beginners. The kit provides all the necessary components, eliminating the need to source ingredients individually. I’ve only added smoked salmon to make my favourite sushi rolls. They were not good looking enough to photograph but they tasted ok.

I have to say that making sushi at home is fun but I still prefer eating it out. However, in times of cost of living crisis it is much cheaper to eat at home.

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