It’s all about the tea, but not as you know it!

I was recently invited to try a new range of teas called We Are Tea. This new ethical tea has been created by Spence & Suze and presented at a special event in Central London. Read what is special about this ethical tea range in my blog and why I think it’s delicious at the same time!


This is how all the ethical cycle works:


With We Are Tea you can think outside the box! Don’t just think at tea as a drink on it’s own, you can use your imagination and create delicious cocktails and desserts!

Here as some beautifully presented examples:

I have to say that the doughnut & Early Days cocktail were just delicious!!! If you prefer, you could also add a touch of fresh or dried fruit to your cocktails so that they may taste more fruity.




Why not try something different with these We Are Tea juicy alcoholic balls? Check out the master at work.

Doesn’t this look just amazing?! Well, it sure does taste it!


We Are Tea comes in 27 range of teas and included black teas, green teas, Oolong tea, white tea and many more. Just pick up one or more packets of We Are Tea‘s either online or from Morrison, Ocado and Holland & Barratt and give it a go….it will be worth it!


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