Innovation trends in household products set for 2020 by Product of the Year

For the past 11 years I have been involved in the selection process for the various Product of the Year categories. This is an annual industry campaign aimed at encouraging brands to be always innovative within the household product categories. Thanks to the Product of The Year Awards, companies are forced to continuously improving their ranges. Consumers are the ones who ultimately reap the benefits of this ‘marketing exercise’. To be eligible for entry, the products must have been launched in the past 12 months and must have demonstrated innovation in one or more key areas – including functionality, design, packaging, or recipe. Jury Day takes place in September and is great fun for me to join a panel including journalists and industry experts to test, assess all entries for quality and leave them then to the consumers to decide what is worth giving the prestigious award. 

Take a look at these pictures where I hang out with my friend and blogger Mirka Moore of the popular mummy blogs All Baby Advice and Fitness 4 Mamas.
We have a great day usually trying a lot of beauty products and food.
I don’t like all the products that enter the process and I leave comments on how I think they can be improved from the consumer’s perspective. 
Once every member of the Jury decides which products are worthy of going forward, the ball is passed onto the shoppers / the consumers – over 10,000 – who vote for their favourite ones in each category.
The Product of the Year winners are then formally announced at a glamorous awards show which takes place the following January.
These shows are usually presented by a famous comedian like Sally Phillips, Bremner and a popular musician from the XFactor will sing a few songs live on a stage. 
Hail to the next 20 years of Product of the Year and to a great process that benefits progress and innovation. 
Photos by Simon Williams 

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