Gifts for HIM

London Mums’ favourite selection of GIFTS FOR DADS for this Christmas.

‘Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography’

An extraordinary book which gives us a unique insight into the life and thinking of the man who has single-handedly transformed the way we live today. Check our review at

iPhone Eye Scope

An eye for detail: the Eyescope for iPhone 4 Black. These days even serious photographers can often be seen snapping a quick shot with their mobile phone or iPhone. As convenient for on-the-go snaps and videos as ever, many phone cameras are now nearly as good as, and even better than, the real thing. Everything, that is, apart from their zoom.

The final hurdle has been surmounted by this year’s must-have peripheral; the EyeScope for the iPhone 4. The Eye Scope iPhone zoom lens is a neat little add-on device that increases the iPhone’s reach to a seriously solid 8x optical zoom, meaning that you can get closer than ever before. You can get it from the Science Museum, which is a great place to take kids over half term.

RRP £35.00

One Million Pound Note
Treat dads to a realistic One Million Pound note! A fun gift that will make them feel rich beyond their wildest dream! This note is a realistic, full colour printed note that looks and feel like real money! Dimensions: 15.5x8cm RRP £3.99 – You can get it from

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