Bratz Remix doll grooves my dolls’ collection

You may recall my big interview last year following the Bratz return on the toy scene. When I thought that Bratz dolls had reached their innovative peak, they are are back with fresh new looks and super cool accessories for 2016. Bratz Remix is just what I missed in my growing dolls’ collection. I love my new Yasmin doll who comes in a lovely box with a pair of headphones, a brush and a very cool outfit which reminds me of the Seventies (my favourite years).

Bratz Remix Doll Asst FW 01

Remix Bratz Yasmin in the box London Mums magazine

Bratz Remix came with a card asking me these questions.

•What song makes you happy?
Happy by Pharrell Williams

•What song makes you feel confident? It’s my life by Bon Jovi

•What song makes you want to dance? Gold by Spandau Ballet  or any song from the Eighties (by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Irene Cara, Tina Turner, Blondie, David Bowie) – well I am a 80s girl (yes I am lucky, I know, I was there!) but to stick to a British band who has recently come back and whom I have interviewed


•What song makes you want to sing? Someone like you by Adele

•What song reminds you of your favourite people? Oh My God by Kaiser Chiefs


Music inspires this new dolls’ collection (Individual dolls are affordable at only £12.99) which features fab-as-ever outfits.

Remix Bratz doll collection

My Yasmin™ officially loves relaxing to acoustic covers, especially as she meditates in her peaceful corner. #LyricalSoul is her hashtag but around my house she had to get on with rock music and dance at the sound of Kaiser Chiefs instead.

Bratz Remix Yasmin will be travelling with me this Summer along with her other friends. Actually the reason I am bringing my Bratz dollies during my holidays is not just because I am a bit crazy and mad about my dolls but also because I am gathering Bratz and Moxie Girlz who resemble my girlfriends aiming to get a picture of all of us together with a similar looking doll. Wouldn’t it be nice?!

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