A culinary journey at Colonel Saab: The epitome of home-style Indian cuisine

Situated at the former Holborn Town Hall in the heart of Covent Garden, Colonel Saab is an Indian restaurant that offers an exceptional dining experience, reminiscent of a homely, Indian feast. With its warm and inviting ambience, accompanied by a menu rich in traditional flavours and an attentive staff hailing from India, Colonel Saab has established itself as one of the finest Indian dining destinations in London. During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of exploring their lunch menu (after trying the afternoon tea earlier last month), which left an indelible impression. To add to the delight, the restaurant’s founder himself, Colonel Saab, graced our table with his presence, sharing his passion for culinary art and extending a generous invitation to visit his luxurious hotels in India. Here is an in-depth review of my authentic Indian cuisine experience at Colonel Saab.

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As I stepped into Colonel Saab, I was immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. The tasteful decor, adorned with vibrant colours, traditional artwork, and elegant furnishings, created a cosy yet sophisticated setting: there’s a carved temple door from South India, and a grand, pure silver door from a Gujarat temple embellishing the staircase.

Colonel saab indian cuisine collage

The soft lighting and comfortable seating arrangements further enhanced the overall dining experience, making it feel like an extension of my own house. The charming Indian-inspired details throughout the restaurant served as a delightful reminder of the cultural richness behind the cuisine.


The staff at Colonel Saab, predominantly hailing from India, brought a genuine warmth and passion to their service. From the moment we were seated, we were greeted with genuine smiles, detailed explanations of menu choices and attentive care. Our waiter, who was well-versed in the intricacies of the menu, provided valuable recommendations and patiently answered our queries. The level of professionalism combined with the personal touch made us feel like esteemed guests in the Colonel’s home.

Lunch Menu Highlights

The lunch menu at Colonel Saab presents a tempting array of dishes that capture the essence of authentic Indian cuisine. Each dish is carefully crafted, incorporating traditional spices and flavours while also catering to contemporary tastes. Here are some of the highlights from our meal:


Colonel saab indian cuisine starters

Our culinary journey began with a selection of appetisers, including the delectable Vegetable Samosas and the tangy and spicy Aloo Tikki. The samosas were perfectly crispy on the outside, with a flavourful and well-seasoned filling, while the Aloo tikki offered a delightful blend of textures and flavours.



Main Course

Colonel saab indian cuisine

Moving on to the main course, we were treated to a symphony of flavours. The Chicken Tikka Masala, a classic favourite of mine, was a standout dish. The succulent pieces of chicken were cooked to perfection, bathed in a velvety tomato-based sauce infused with aromatic spices. The richness of the dish was balanced by the fragrant Basmati rice, which served as an ideal accompaniment.


For vegetarian options, the Saag Paneer was a revelation. The creamy curry soup, studded with cubes of homemade cottage cheese, delivered a harmonious combination of earthy and savoury flavours. Paired with freshly baked Naan bread, it was a delightful vegetarian indulgence.






colonel saab indian cuisine pancake dessert colonel saab indian cuisine chocolate dessert

To conclude our meal on a sweet note, we sampled the chocolate dessert and a newly created Indian pancake (a sweet brainchild by the chef and the manager while on their break checking out local diners) which provided a fitting finale to our culinary adventure.



Colonel Saab’s Personal Touch

The highlight of our dining experience was undoubtedly the personal interaction with Colonel Saab himself. His kindness, genuine enthusiasm for Indian cuisine and passion for creating an immersive dining experience make this place the best Indian restaurant in London.

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