Top Valentine Gifts for HIM

Why is it always so hard to find gifts for men?! It’s Valentine and I have finally found the right outlet that has all a men needs at any one time 🙂 Milkster, you are a life saver for every woman.

Here is a choice of gifts that are suitable for men whether it’s Valentine, birthday or Christmas these gifts seem pretty good to me and most of them affordable or at least they are good value for money.

valentine gift for him workstation

La Fonction n°1 Mobile Workstation

Beneath the appearance of an incredibly functional leather satchel lies a mobile workstation that folds out to protect your screen from reflections and prying eyes, protecting your privacy and concentration when travelling or working in an open-plan office. Made in a leather-goods workshop in France, La Fonction no. 1 evokes the luxury of high-quality workmanship. Crafted from the finest leather and high quality fabric, its complex assembly requires several days of craftsmanship.

valentine gift for him bike

BLCKBRD – Jet Black – Veloretti Bicycles Amsterdam

Gorgeous bike for a man and not too expensive at RRP £314.41. Get it at

valentine gift for him wireless charger

Qimini – The World’s Thinnest Wireless Charger

Qimini™ is a wireless charging transmitter powered by Qi technology and works flawlessly with any Qi-enabled devices. Its modern design and efficient functionalities take wireless charging to new heights, enabling your mobile devices to be truly mobile.

Qi means «energy flow» in Chinese and is the interface standard for magnetic inductive power transfer system developed by the Qi Wireless Power Consortium. Qimini starts charging as soon as a Qi-compatible device is placed on top of it.

Qimini™ is equiped with a USB cable that powers at the same speed as a standard cable. It is the only Qi charger using a USB connection allowing it to work seamlessly with a computer or any USB power source. Our vision is to make QiminiTM a greatly universal wireless charging device that are accessible anytime and anywhere.

The future of charging is cable-free and comes in a sleek tiny design. Qimini™ is the world’s thinnest wireless charging plate to date. With its thickness of only 9mm, all components have been carefully designed to function powerfully in a small package. We paid attention to every detail to bring a beautifully designed product. Not to mention it’s so tiny that it fits perfectly almost anywhere.

RRP £60.58

valentine gift for him pen holder bullets

Pen Holder: Choose your bullets

Your pen can be more harmful than a gun. Choose your bullets is a desk accesory that reminds us that corruption and bad decisions can be more harmful than violence. This self-produced project was aimed at creating a product that would empower our decisions and reconsider the choices we make and the effects they have. Every piece is unique and engraved with a serial number.

valentine gift for him buttons


‘Buttons’ are a brand new type of accessory developed and produced by Studio Swine, a versatile fashion detail that allows you to customise and transform everyday clothing. The Buttons simply clip on and off standard shirt buttons without being permanently fixed to one garment. The first collection consists of 7 unique designs inspired by modernist architecture. The Buttons are precision cut, etched and individually hand finishedin 18-Karat gold with designer’s hallmark.

valentine gift for him stereo


2 ball shaped speakers made from porcelain including base and cable.

clear – the ball shape provides the ideal sound box. The angular shaped box of ordinary speakers tends to produce interferences by causing the sound waves to reverberate from the parallel speaker walls and interfere with one another.

pure – porcelain is a hard material, so there is hardly any resonance. The vibrations are not produced by the speaker’s box but by the speaker itself.

genuine – being particularly dynamic in the mean and high tone range the broadband speakers deliver optimal sound.

free – the base allows for free alignment. With a 360° range the direction of the speakers can be adapted to the circumstances of the room.

Gilded plug connections ensure optimal transfer of the audio signal.

Equipped with a plug & play connection (RCA jack) on the box side, the speakers are easily connected.

The commercially common screw and connector terminals on the sound system side are compatible with almost all sound systems.

The mo°sound cables included are highly flexible and optimally attuned to the speakers. They are cables specifically used in live performances to prevent any knotting or getting entangled.

valentine gift for him cabinet

Trendy Cabinet

Matrioshka is a system of wooden storage units which nest in one another. Its components (wardrobes, drawer units, sideboards) can be pulled out and arranged in any setting to the customer’s liking. Matrioshka, like the Russian doll it is named after, started off as a game, but it is a subtle one that makes you think about the mystery concealed behind the exterior appearance. It is an object that contains objects and, concurrently, protects our identity. Placing one inside another reduce shipping cost and more important there is no need for assembling cabinets, you just pull them out and arrange it as you like. With this system moving house has never been easier.

Cabinet with up and down way door opening and with one partition inside.

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