Top Toy trends for 2015

The annual appointment with Toyfair always puts me in a good mood. And Toyfair 2015 was certainly not a disappointment. So many innovative toys and gadgets made me want to be a child again. Being a mum of an 8 year old boy is great as it allows me to re-live my childhood but in an exciting technology-driven era. Here are the Top Toy trends for 2015 which I have identified by browsing around 300+ stands.



toy fair Meccano Robot 2015 collageFrom this year robots are really dominating the toys’ market. The best robot at Toy Fair 2015 was most definitely the Meccano fully-moving robot. Check out in this video how it moves and interacts with people. The technology is simply fascinating and now accessible to children. It makes you want to be a child again.


Multifunctional toys

Parents are constantly looking for bargains and value for money. This year both Lego and Playmobil have showcased construction toys that can be used to play both indoor and outdoor, for learning and to make different things out of the pieces in the packs.




The music industry is very much alive and kicking more than ever dominating the toy industry.

I spotted a Pixie Lott Steffi doll and a Lego Friends Pop Star range (available from June 2015 and still under wrap). Popstars’ dolls are growing in popularity particularly among teenage girls.

toy fair dolls steffi pixie lott


Contemporary Retro Toys

In the last few years traditional toys are brought back to life with modern innovation. Playmobil are creating entire houses for their figurines fully furnished with retro accessories. They look stunning. I wish they sold real size houses. I would move in right away.

toy fair Playmobil retro furniture

Lego Friends has also a stunning looking range of houses and accessories (I loved the chandelier!) for the female figurines.

John Crane has also a very realistic looking kitchen and accessories for toddlers’ play (and beyond).


Art & Craft: Bracelets with a tech edge

The art of making bracelets has been revamped last year with the arrival of Loom Bands. The trend seems to slightly change direction this year with the introduction of iPads tools to continue making more sophisticated bracelets and charms.

i loom girl with bracelets i loom  box blue

iLoom use iPad technology to make old-fashioned ScoobyDoos bracelets which I remember making in the Seventies. I believe this will replace the Loom Bands this year as the best combination of technology with bracelets making.

i loom bracelets

Charmazing from Style Me Up is the ultimate product range in ‘craft meets technology’. Girls can download the free app to get information on their charms and support to create beautiful themed bracelets to gift or enjoy, share with friends and get positive messages in a safe environment. They can also collect power points and play. It is great for tweens but ideal for the age group 6+ because of the size of the bracelets. Prices start at £4.99. App is FREE.

Charmazing box


Gadgets for kids

Kids Dock

product review KitSound Owl Kids Dock (2) product review KitSound Owl Kids Dock


London Mums (and young reviewer from the Kids Club) favourite gadget this year is gadget.

Everyone can remember that first time – the first moment that you really understood some music; how it transformed the way that you looked at the world; the first time that you fell in love with a track, a band, a singer. In this modern world, My Doodles has made sure that our children will experience music for the first time in a magical way.

With audio engineering from KitSound, My Doodles is introducing the Kids Dock, music for children and teenagers will never be the same again. The gorgeous designs are so cute particularly the cheeky owl. The dock is both tactile and elegant.

But when it comes to the technical specification, the Kids Dock certainly isn’t child’s play. It is mind boggling how much technology My Doodles have managed to pack into this compact speaker. Along with two charging points for USBs, there is an incredible depth of sound created by the subwoofer, and a well rounded beauty through the two high frequency drivers. The richness of the sound washes over the listener, and you will hear different and new things in the tracks that you love – and thought you knew. These features along with the design are the reason that so many teenagers, students, and even us adults are falling in love with the Kids Dock. My Doodles by KitSound Kids Docks, RRP £69 is available from Amazon and from



The trend of dolls that promote a healthy body image is still alive and kicking. My favourite dolls on show this year are for me the One Generation dolls distributed by John Crane.

IMG_7932 IMG_7922


 Fit & Fun

The trend to been sporty while playing seem overtaking the Toy industry too. Giulia Toselli from Italian brand Chicco told me: “An healthy lifestyle starting from early childhood is essential for our children’s health. Too often, children lead a sedentary lifestyle, they do not have many opportunities to play, move, and run freely, affecting their motor skills and more. It is known that experiencing, falling down, and getting back up promote our children’s motor development, improving balance and coordination and enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence.’ Chicco has created a fun Fit & Fun range to encourage children to get moving! The Goal League, for example, detects when the child scores a goal and sets off a series of fun lights and sounds. Penalty shots, golden goal to enhance baby’s accuracy and coordination. I guess it’s not just going to be the Italians bringing up young footballers.

chicco Goal League toyfair 2015

Chicco Goal League – Suitable from 2y+. RRP: £29.99


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