Bringing alive the magic of storytelling this Christmas with tonies®

As children are spending a greater amount of time at home due to current restrictions throughout the UK, the Toniebox offers playful, imaginative storytelling and learning, giving parents a much needed break when they want it.

With many children unable to go to nurseries and playgroups, parents now have the opportunity of re-creating the fun of a classroom this autumn with Tonies and a Toniebox. This screen-free, educational portable device plays music and tells stories through hand-painted, magnetic figurines called ‘Tonies’ that are placed on top. There are over 60 Tonies figurines to collect and enjoy listening to. tonies® make storytelling come alive.

The Toniebox is intuitive and easy to use – even for the smallest hands. Children simply place the Tonie figurine on the Toniebox to listen to stories and songs. There is a huge variety of Tonies to choose from – including much loved characters like The Gruffalo, Peppa Pig and The Lion King, Classic Fairy Tales and nursery rhymes to sing along to.

This soft, safe Toniebox made from sustainable material is the leading audio device for children in the UK and Europe. To fast forward or rewind, children can tap and tilt the Toniebox. To raise or lower the volume, they simply squeeze the rubber ears.

One of the outstanding features of this clever little box is the infamous Creative-Tonie that allows you to record your own stories and music through the tonies® free app. Now more than ever, families are looking for ways to stay connected with each other and tonies® makes this simple, playful and fun.

The clever, intuitive Toniebox is London Mum‘s favourite gift idea this Christmas.

It is the perfect screen-free, storytelling audio device for children from as young as 3 years old.



RRP £69.95 for the Toniebox. Each Tonie RRP of £14.99

Available at and selected retailers

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