Spring Cleaning made easy and fun

Spring is here and like every year, I feel the urge to de-clutter and to do some spring cleaning around my house. Things come with baggage and lots of dust.

Dust smells and clutter collects more dust. It’s a vicious circle and Spring is a good season to put a stop on that.

This year I decided to try the most innovative products and services out there to support my decision to clean my life for the months to come. At the end of the day you need to motivate yourself to do these jobs. I know it sounds crazy but I promise after reading this post you will love Spring Cleaning and you will be doing it more than once per year.

Spring Cleaning Diego collage

A young footballer Spring cleaning the kitchen! How refreshing!

First of all I got myself THE ultimate tool and being such a Gadget lover I chose the Air Cordless Lift , a full size upright vacuum with up to 50 minutes runtime. This model’s new ‘Lift-out’ design provides the ideal solution to vacuuming the stairs, as it seamlessly transforms into a portable cylinder vacuum at the push of a button.

Spring Cleaning

I thought I have some fun with it but somehow my 8 year old son, has got hold of that and, as you can see from this collage, he loved it so much he has started cleaning everywhere with it. Double bonus for me then! Kids love being busy around the house and cleaning is a fantastic way for them to feel useful, important, responsible. As you can see from this video the Air Cordless Lift is really easy to use, light to carry around (unlike other products) and fabulous to reach the ceiling with special brushes as well as little corners where most cleaners don’t usually go. I love the fresh smell when I enter my house.

Spring cleaning kitchen mum and baby TaskRabbit[1]

Cleaning is not the only problem. First you need to de-clutter. Our expert Birgit Medele has written an article wheres she explains that clutter and stuff keeps us stuck in the past and prevents good new things from coming into our life. On average every one of us owns about 10.000 things which is a lot of stuff to handle, quite literally. Read her feature Clutter clearing can change your life! to change your life forever. I certainly have!

Spring cleaning Admin task

To help me in this decluttering process I have called TaskRabbit, a genius service every mum should know about. TaskRabbit is a website and mobile service that enables time-poor people like London Mums to outsource their errands like cleaning, shopping and DIY.  It is available on iOS and Android, TaskRabbit connects individuals with a network of fully vetted professionals, who have the time and skills needed to get the job done.

My ‘desperate’ brief was to get my office organised before the Easter holidays starting from filing business cards into a database, a tedious task I wanted to do for some time but never had time to complete as I never got the time to do.

Tasker Stella came along and perfectly understood my issue. She very quickly built me a fantastic database that I can actively use now. This means also that I will now have more space as I will be able to throw all those cards away with peace of mind.

TaskRabbit Stella Spring cleaning

Stella from TaskRabbit was brilliant turning all the business cards into a useful database!

Not just that but Stella also went out and distributed a box of the London Mums magazine in Fulham.

The guys at TaskRabbit are very helpful and try to accommodate your requirements. It is true when they say that no chore is too big or wacky for a Tasker – they do anything from deep cleaning your kitchen, to picking up your shopping, or even helping to deliver a client’s baby whilst on the job (it’s been known to happen!).

I will certainly use this service again and would recommend it to anybody who does not know where to go to find someone to help out, when you simply don’t have enough hours to get everything done, or for doing the dreaded chores you hate! So many of us live such hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to feel exhausted simply writing our to-do lists and unfortunately, time off is usually spent cleaning, decluttering and taking care of  general life admin. Outsourcing chores is great for mums, to reclaim some well deserved leisure time and make room for the things that really matter in life – like spending time with the family!

house cleaning

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