Soothing drinks to boost the immunity system

With Winter officially here, I personally feel it’s the perfect time for warm soothing drinks to be enjoyed on those cosy evenings in when the weather is changing and the first cold nights are almost unbearable. The new and delicious range of four refreshing fruit teas, Quarterpast Immunity Teas, are just the ticket. They are sold in small bottles and already mixed. Fresh, clean and light each tea can be mixed with water and ice for a crisp refresher or with hot water for a warming, soothing drink. 

Each tea is packed full with honest ingredients with unique benefits known to boost your body’s natural immune system such as turmeric, honey and ginger that can be mixed with either hot, cold or sparkling water. These teas would make lovely gifts under the Christmas tree. 

These fruity teas bring superfoods in a range of four refreshing and delicious flavours. I tried cups with the flavours Lemon with Ginger and Honey, Hibiscus with Ginger and Manuka Honey and Turmeric with Lemon and Ginger. Every flavour has its own unique health benefits from anti-inflammatory to brain-boosting properties. 

Originally from New Zealand and now available here in the UK there are four quaffable flavours to choose from:

 Lemon with Ginger and Honey

Each 250ml bottle has real pieces of ginger, tart lemon and soothing honey for a wonderfully feel good flavour.

Turmeric with lemon and ginger

All the benefits of lemon and ginger have been combined with the immunity boosting benefits of turmeric which include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even brain-boosting properties from the curcumin which is found in the herb.

Hibiscus with ginger and manuka honey

The Hibiscus flower is known to be a powerful provider of antioxidants, but it may also help fight bacterial infections as well as promote weight loss. This is my favourite flavour. 

Gold Kiwifruit with turmeric and ginger

High in fibre, the Golden Kiwi is packed with Vitamin C and full of antioxidants to support a healthy digestive system. When paired with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and ginger this combination provides a boost to the immune system.

All ingredients are sourced year-round, so you know that with each sip you’re getting their unique benefits.  Whilst each tea has many health benefits, they also taste amazing.  Fresh, clean and light each tea can be mixed with water and ice for a crisp refresher or with hot water for a warming, soothing drink. Add garnishes such as mint, lemon or rosemary for an extra benefit.

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