Smart watch for kids who start become independent

From September, my son will start secondary school. This will mean arriving in time for all his new classes, keeping a schedule of his homework and getting on the bus on his own at some point without being allowed a mobile phone (because of the school ban). A new smart watch for kids is on the market to sort all these problems in one little gadget, the new Assure SOS tracker from Watchovers which offers a fantastic value wearable tech, freedom to the wearer and peace of mind to their family, making it useful for the elderly as well as young children.


It’s a new slim mobile watch phone, specially designed to be budget friendly and easy to use. Offering GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and SOS technology alongside a series of exceptional features, the Assure represents the next frontier in modern mobile watch phones. It is stand alone phone bypassing the need for the wearer to also carry a mobile phone or any other device.


Slim, at only 13mm, and easy to wear, the device is suitable for use by all ages, giving them the freedom and peace of mind which comes from knowing the capabilities of both a mobile phone and an SOS alarm are securely fastened to their wrists. Controlled by a free smartphone app, the Assure offers cutting edge features, including:

1- An SOS emergency alarm, allowing users to call their contact lists whilst also sending an alert message to registered users – ideal for elderly owners seeking continued independence.


2- Real-time GPS tracking, with automatic location updates every sixty seconds – the perfect gift for conscientious parents to give children on the go!


3- Geo-zones create virtual outdoor boundaries to keep vulnerable users safe, with automatic boundary breach alerts to connected devices.


4- With low power consumption and the ability to set multiple alarms for medical or general reminders, users can rest assured they’ll be getting reliability as well as usability.


5- The new ‘Shake Shake’ capability also allows sociable Assure owners to share their contact details with a fellow user and enable voice messaging, whilst multi-user capability allows all the family to get the best out of this smart watch.


The Assure smart watch is an excellent product at a superb price. At £69.99, the Assure costs 30% less than Watchovers’ first smart watch model. 


Be aware that Watchovers use European SIM cards with a Spanish mobile number, because unlike a standard SIM card, they use the strongest mobile network, enabling the watch to get mobile coverage even in weak signal locations, vital in times of emergency. To be fair, it worked really well and my son was really happy with it.

When we tested it, at first we did not understand exactly why our home location was not accurate. Then the excellent customer service told us that if the watch is indoors it will not be able to give an accurate location. So when you get your settings, make sure you are outdoor.


The watch is primarily a GPS device for when the wearer is outdoors. This means it gets its position when the watch is outdoors and can access a satellite. When you are looking at the location map on our App you will see a location bubble, on the left hand side of the bubble, it indicates what the watch is working off, either GPS or LBS, to give you its current location.


GPS indicates satellite positioning and its accuracy is 3 meters to 30 meters. When the watch is indoors (if the watch is near a window) and GPS is displayed on the App, you can sometimes get shadowing which can make the GPS location display anywhere from 10 meters to 100+ meters from its actual location.


LBS (Local Base Station) can be displayed when the watch is indoors and this indicates cellular positioning which is usually accurate from 100 meters to 1000+ meters depending on the distance away from your nearest mobile phone base station that the watch is registered to.  Basically the location it will report is the base station location.


In general GPS devices are designed for outdoor use, therefore they are not as accurate when used indoors. Please note that when locating a watch indoors the location can show as close as the house next door, or a lot further away depending on the LBS unit it is connected to. It is important to look at the location box to see if the watch is using GPS or LBS for location as LBS is not as reliable.



The website is excellent so you will also find the answers to most questions in the Watchovers online Support Simply type a word or phrase in the search bar and if that word or phrase is in any question or answer, it will be displayed for you.







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