SlumberOrganix Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag Review

There are a growing amount of families, including my own, trying to be eco-friendly, making small changes to better the environment. From reusable nappies, to recycling and reducing your carbon footprint, there are lots of ways to greatly reduce your impact on the environment and there are more and more products making this lifestyle easier to adopt.  It’s my new year’s resolution to try and be more mindful about our family carbon footprint and I think I have got off to a pretty good start!

Slumbersac have just launched their new range of environmentally friendly sleeping bags – SlumberOrganix and I was sent one for my son, Jack to try. Jack is prone to eczema and so I have to be very careful about what I dress him in and the skincare products I use. Made from 100% organic cotton, SlumberOrganix sleeping bags are really soft, protecting babies sensitive skin, especially those that are prone to allergies or eczema like Jack. To test the bag, I used it for a week and Jack didn’t have any flare ups, which sometimes I find when using clothing made from cotton or polyester.

Jack loved the design on the sleeping bag – a hand embroidered teddy bear surrounded by stars and planets. He kept touching the teddy and pointing out the stars (very cute)! Each of the SlumberOrganix sleeping bags feature hand embroidered appliques and they are handmade in Germany. Each one comes with a matching drawstring bag, also made from 100% organic cotton. I used the bag to store some of Jack’s toys, which he automatically took out of the bag one by one, his new favourite game! But you could also use the bag to store the sleeping bag, or other useful nursery items. I was thinking I may use it for Jack’s nursery bag to hold his spare clothes and wipes.

SlumberOrganix 100% Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag

I have used sleeping bags since Jack was born. I had read about SIDs and was extremely worried about him overheating at night. Using a sleeping bag took away this worry, because they ensure your little one remains at a constant temperature, so you don’t have to use any additional blankets or duvets, which your child could easily become tangled in. It isn’t such a concern now Jack is a little older, but for me, it just isn’t worth the risk and gives me one less thing to worry about as a new mum!

I personally prefer the sleeping bags with feet as Jack becomes frustrated if he can’t stand up or move around at night. Slumbersac are the only company that sell these and the good thing is that if it’s cold you can pull the legs down to cover the feet, so their toes stay cosy and warm. The sleeping bag also features detachable sleeves. Jack is a hot baby, so I removed the sleeves and just used a long sleeve bodysuit underneath.

Slumbersac have pledged that for every sleeping bag bought, they will plant one tree in the rainforest in Borneo, which is a lovely touch.

SlumberOrganix sleeping bags aren’t cheap, starting at £59.99, but you pay for what you get, and the quality of the bags really is fantastic. Check out SlumberOrganix sleeping bags at Slumbersac’s website.

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