Senior school shoes style

Shopping for school shoes with teenagers is not always so simple. Teens have their own ideas with regards to style which might clash with school guidelines and rules. Start-Rite has found a good balance in terms of shoes style to please the most difficult clients. I know it only because my 14 year old son is very fussy and he only wears Start-Rite shoes. He finds them comfortable enough to wear all day and acceptable in terms of his idea of teen style. Here is London Mums’ top choice. 

For girls 

London Mums’ top pick are Black Patent Girls Lace-up School Shoes called Impact. For £57.99 they seem sturdy enough to last the whole school year. And the teenagers’ feet don’t grow as fast as before. 

Impact is the perfect shoe for senior girls with its patent leather, fashion laces and a chunky sole. Stylish while still being comfortable, there’s a breathable lining to help keep feet fresh and a soft padded collar to prevent ankle rubbing. The chunky sole is made for all day durability, while the lace-up fastening provides a precision fit that’s easily adjusted.

Impact has a more mature shape for teenage girls, catering for the developing foot without sacrificing on growing room. 

For boys 

London Mums’ top pick are Black Leather Boys Lace-up School Shoes called Rhino Sherman. £57.99 – £59.99 Rhino Sherman is a tough school shoe for older boys who still love a lace-up. The scuff resistant toe protection helps shoes look school-ready for longer. They have a lightweight flexible sole as well as padded ankle for comfort and support. The breathable linings and removable insoles help keep feet fresh which also means no smelly feet at the end of the day.  

The full Start-Rite Shoes’ range can be viewed here. The website includes a very helpful and practical guide on precise fitting at home. For parents who want certainty on what size shoes to buy, there is a printable measuring gauge, available as a download on Start-Rite’s websiteFor more foot measuring advice visit

Start-Rite provides durable, multi-width fitting school shoes with added growing room. Their shoes are guaranteed to stand-up to the rigours of daily school life. The shoes have been tested and it is now proven that every shoe looks just as good after 100,000 steps. 

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