Product review: Toys for wannabe engineers by Geomag World

Homeschooling and increased time spent indoor is forcing us parents to look out for educational off-screen toys to complement online activities to keep kids entertained with other games other than video games. Geomag World’s launch of their new Green strategy has refreshed popular existing lines such as the iconic worldwide success story of the magnetic construction toy comprising of magnetic rods, metal spheres and panels from Geomag World Classic Panel Collections.

I personally find Geomag an awesome choice for a manual type of toy. My now 13 years old son Diego has been a fan of this range since he was 7. He now build more complex structures compared to his first constructions. A box of Geomag gives him hours of fun making different things. I love the fact that it is very durable and sturdy. The magnets are easily put together while allowing kids to create complicated geometric 3D shapes. 

Geomag is a great introductory teaching tool both for schools and for parents homeschooling. There are various sets with different parts. The ones we reviewed did not allow us to build the more complex structures, but just to give us an idea of how cool this game really is.

The motor coordination required to play with Geomag is that of children of 7 years of age and above.  

The easy-to-read instructions suggest shapes and builds but kids can make their own too.

What I also like about the company behind Geomag World is the fact that it has been working to increase the sustainability level of its production process, using 100% renewable energy and reducing industrial waste to almost zero. 

Since 1998 Geomag World has become a pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity. Playing together for a healthier planet the new Geomag World Classic Panels use magnetic rods, panels and bases made using 100% recycled plastic. Not to mention the cardboard boxes which also now have a high percentage of recycled materials. The new storage boxes for the rods and spheres available in every play set are also made from 100% recycled plastic and can be used to so you can carry  the play pieces anywhere. 

From the viewpoint of the educational values, these construction alternatives to Lego and Meccano explore the potentialities of magnetism, adding movement and magical effects to the creations.  Kids can achieve a limitless number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind. 

The Classic Panels (52-78 pcs) are available to buy online now at GeomagWorld.

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