Product Review: Casio Music and Rhythm Warriors Interactive Piano Lessons

As the editor of London Mums magazine, I’m always on the lookout for enriching activities for young children. Although my own son is 17, I was eager to explore the new interactive piano lessons offered by Casio Music in collaboration with Rhythm Warriors. With the promise of free animated lessons accompanying the purchase of a Casio beginner keyboard, I was excited to see how this programme could benefit young learners.

Casio Rhythm Warriors SA-80


Casio Music has partnered with Rhythm Warriors to deliver a unique series of interactive music lessons aimed at children aged 4-8. By purchasing one of Casio’s beginner keyboards — specifically the SA-50, SA-51, SA-80, SA-81, or CT-S100—families can gain free access to the Rhythm Warriors platform. This includes animated piano and keyboard lessons, an interactive mobile game, and an e-book, all designed to make learning the piano engaging and fun for young children.


  • Interactive Lessons: Rhythm Warriors uses animated characters to guide children through music lessons set in the fictional world of “Rhythmos.” This approach is designed to captivate their interest and enhance their practical playing skills.
  • Mobile App: The app allows learning to continue on the go, ensuring that the educational experience isn’t confined to home.
  • E-Book: This additional resource supports the lessons, providing further material to reinforce what the children learn.
  • RSL Qualification: Completing the course can lead to an official RSL (Rockschool Ltd) qualification, adding an element of achievement and formal recognition.


  1. Engaging Format: The animated characters and the adventure in “Rhythmos” are likely to keep children motivated and eager to learn.
  2. Comprehensive Learning: The programme covers both practical keyboard skills and music theory, giving a well-rounded introduction to music education.
  3. Free Access: Including the Rhythm Warriors platform for free with the purchase of a qualifying Casio keyboard is a fantastic bonus, making the investment in a keyboard even more worthwhile.
  4. RSL Qualification: The chance to earn an official qualification provides a goal for children to strive towards, fostering a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: The app allows learning to continue during travel and downtime, making it convenient to fit music education into busy schedules.


  1. Age Limit: The programme is specifically tailored for children aged 4-8, which may not be suitable for older beginners or those outside this age range.
  2. Keyboard Restriction: Free access is limited to specific Casio keyboard models, which might not be ideal if you already own a different model or brand.
  3. Digital-Only Format: While the digital lessons are engaging, some children might benefit from additional in-person instruction for a more hands-on learning experience.
  4. Dependence on Technology: Consistent access to a device and the internet is necessary, which could be a drawback for families with limited screen time policies or unreliable internet.

Final Thoughts

As a parent and editor, I found the Rhythm Warriors lessons to be an excellent way to introduce young children to the piano. The engaging characters and interactive storyline are sure to keep kids entertained while they learn. The mobile app is a great feature, allowing children to practise and learn even when they are away from home.

The combination of practical and theoretical lessons means that children are not only playing but also understanding music. The potential to earn an RSL qualification adds an extra layer of motivation. However, the need for consistent internet access might pose a challenge for some families.

Overall, the Casio and Rhythm Warriors collaboration makes learning the piano fun and accessible for young beginners. It’s a delightful way to see children progress and develop a love for music.

For more information, visit Casio Music UK.


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