New table-top games for the family

As always, Drumond Park is bringing yet another brilliant new range of children’s table-top games to the UK marketplace this Autumn, in plenty of time for Christmas!  There’s something here for everyone … from thrills, spills and wacky characters through to brain-teasing, linguistic endeavours – as well as some exhilarating, super-fast action tricks, too!  So get settled in and ready for some serious fun with this enthralling game selection…

FOXY PANTS (RRP £22.99, age 4+) Watch out for the dastardly Fox in this hilarious game as he sneaks around the chicken coops, looking to fill his pockets with sleeping chickens!  The real fun begins when Foxy’s pants get so full, they magically – shockingly! – disappear, sending the chickens scattering across the table!  First one to gather enough to fill their chicken coop with one hand only is the winner!

WALLY THE WASHER (RRP £24.99, age 4+) Meet the lovable Wally the Washer toy who spins just like the real thing, before spilling out his washing as young players race to collect their coloured clothes and fill their washing lines. 

But watch out for the smelly sock!  If it comes out with the washing on your turn, you must pop the clothes back in – and wear the clothes peg on your nose!

WORD BANDIT (RRP £24.99, age 8 to adult) This attention-grabbing board game has a wonderful wheel-spinning letter machine at its centre (a small one-arm bandit) and features four easy word games to play, in two teams of any number, or by two individuals.  It’s full of brilliant, linguistic, whirling energy!

SUPER SKI JUMP (RRP £19.99, age 8 to adult) Introducing the ultimate trick challenge where practise makes perfect!  The aim of this awesome, curiously addictive game is to progress through the various playing pieces and send your character flying down the awesome ski jump ramp – and score the most points by doing tricks and nailing the perfect landing! 

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