London Mums Deluxe Christmas Shopping

We have presented presents for kids, family and friends in our Christmas Gift Guides, but now we are going to focus on Deluxe Christmas Shopping, i.e. treats for ourselves and our homes. Here is a selection of the best design items available on the London Mums Shopping platform powered by Milkster.

Bunk bed AMBERintheSKY

milkster bunk bed

AMBERintheSKY is an elegant and innovative bunk bed characterised by timeless design, aesthetics and high-quality materials. It’s made from the natural materials birch plywood and Austrian Loden (100% pure new wool). Wool adapts harmoniously to its environment enhancing the room climate. The natural materials convey the important sense of intimacy and security to children. The lower bunk can be used as a second sleeping area, a play board for marbles, a cosy corner or a self-made cave. With a total height of 135cm, AMBERintheSKY is lower in height than usual loft or bunk beds. The low height facilitates children’s access to the upper bunk and parents can easily kiss their kids good night. With the Austrian Loden running seamless over the 4 corners, the bed can be folded at its “textile corners” and thus is totally easy to assemble while packaging is very smart. You can purchase it directly from

CONSTANTIN convertible rocker

milkster rocking horse

CONSTANTIN is a convertible rocker and part of the please touch! series, made out of birch wood and Austrian loden fabric. Individually placed hook-and-loop patterns allow him to appear as a rocking horse or rocking rabbit, but he can be a rocking motorcycle too! Constantin loves 1 to 5-year olds and they love him. The rocking CONSTANTIN provides children with plenty of freedom for experimenting with their own imagination and encourages
spontaneous creativity in early years. You can purchase it directly from

MaxintheBOX modular furniture elements

milkster modular furniture kids

The modular furniture elements were developed together with children and offer great possibilities for experimenting with and in space. Whether as a classic table-chair combination, as stools for adults, as a grocery store or a shelf for books – MAXintheBOX’s possible applications are as endless as children’s fantasies. The box joint conjunctions are not only elegant but also add to the stability of MAXintheBOX. The furniture is totally stable, uniquely designed to aid small children taking their first steps. You can purchase it directly from


milkster kids desk

CASPAR is made of a solid wood body, four colored table legs and rubber rings. Although incredibly stable the whole table weighs less than 10kg. The table grows with your children and shrinks again for younger siblings. Thanks to the adjustable legs CASPAR is very stable on uneven ground. To balance out uneven floors, one leg can be adjusted in length so the desk is stable and is not rocking. In the tray under the table top children can easily store drawings, crayons and all treasures – the table tray thus allows easy cleaning and quick order in the nursery.
You can purchase it directly from

Chair AZIZ nursing chair

milkster nursing chair

Aziz is a so-called ‘nursing chair’ from the Restoration period in France around 1825. The front of Aziz is upholstered with a new dark blue frabric Varese from Uzbekistan. Suzanis are embroidered pieces of cloth made by woman in the region of Central Asia. Suzanis used to be dyed with natural pigments extracted from, for example, the root of the madder plant, walnuts, indigo plants, pomegranates and sumac berries. The Suzani used at the back of Aziz consists of little teapot and flower motifs. A teapot is the Uzbek symbol for hospitality and abundance. Most people believe that the flower motives are symbols of fertility and prosperity. You can purchase it directly from

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