Last minute affordable Valentine or Galentine’s gifts 

If you are single or you are not the romantic type, you’d want to skip reading this, but yet every year I find it sweet to be able to enjoy a few treats with my Galentines or loved ones on Valentine’s day. Here are London Mums’ favourite affordable Valentine gifts for the most romantic day of the year (if you believe in it). Whatever you are looking for from this celebration, may Valentine or Galentine week begin! 

valentine gift chocolate box

Say Je T’aime with bakery products

I have started my Galentine/Valentine week with an amazing pastries’ spread by PAUL’s Bakery. Inspired by the romantic streets of Paris, this fine patisserie is perfect for the love-filled season. The decorations of the cakes are so beautiful that it is a shame to eat them. But they are not only pretty faces… These pastries and cakes are super yummies and my favourite ones in London at an affordable price. The Raspberry Delice Heart and Craquant Heart, which join the all-new Chocolate & Praline, and Raspberry Sharing Millefeuilles in a mouth-watering menu that is set to conquer anyone’s heart – not just mine. Please make me stop eating these amazing pastries!
valentine themed bakery products
My Galentine Laura and I had the Craquant Heart (Individual and sharing) / £25.95 sharing and then 
ordered the Je t’aime… Valentine’s Gift Box / £37.95 – Available online only at including a Raspberry Millefeuille Heart, a Chocolate & Praline Millefeuille Heart and a delightful box of mini macarons. The Raspberry Millefeuille Heart is expertly crafted from layers of buttery puff pastry, raspberry jam, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. The Chocolate & Praline Millefeuille Heart is a chocolate lovers’ dream, with layers of buttery puff pastry, chocolate, chocolate praline cream, whipped cream and hazelnuts for an added crunch.

PAUL’s menu is available for pre-order online now and in stores until the 14th of February. 


British Whisky for HIM

London Mums asked a couple of dads to review Oxford Rye Whisky. Their verdict was super positive and the Easy Ryder bottle came out an absolute winner not only because it looks good but mainly because it is a whisky brand made for good times and easy drinking. The  idea of an English whisky seemed quite patriotic and appealing.

whisky bottle on a table

Its ‘technical’ features: Easy Ryder is a blend of nine unique casks, including American Oak of varying toasts, chars, sizes and cooperages, and Moscatel Roxo for its sweet, fresh flavours, the resulting whisky is creamy with notes of pastry, chocolate, refreshing spice and a pronounced savoury character. Using the grain and distillery character as a backbone, the oak complexity of the eight American Oak casks merges with the sweet and fresh flavours from the Moscatel Roxo fortified wine cask from Setu?bal, Portugal.

Official tasting notes:

AROMA: Baked apples and pineapple complement herbal and refreshing spices with notes of Dolce de leche, torched creme brûlée, croissant, cocoa butter, white chocolate and bog butter.

PALATE: Hints of custard, biscuit, hazelnut, biscotti and white chocolate.

FINISH: Pepper, mint, vanilla and subtle smoke.

OVERALL: Baked desserts and herbal spices.






Ritter Sport Marzipan chocolate


Great chocolate is about the cacao…..not the dairy. 

Many moons ago when I was a student in Germany, I used to eat a lot of Ritter Sport’s Chocolate Bars, particularly binging on the Marzipan Bar.

I was very happy to find that in London recently so it is in my top Valentine treats. At £1 it has to be the most affordable Valentine gift ever. For me this is like a time machine. It is a real experience: a mouth-watering combination of sweet Californian almonds coated in a delicious 50% dark chocolate mixed with my youth memories. 




The famous 11 triangles (yes, count them ha ha) of the Toblerone Love Bar (360g, RRP £6.26) is a special Limited Edition Valentine’s Day bar of Toblerone Milk Chocolate.

Toblerone chocolate bar affordable valentine

The tagline is: Nothing says “I love you” like a bar of this delicious Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat. And indeed my teenage son has literally performed a magician act to make the Toblerone bar disappear. Ha ha… Teenagers eh? Isn’t this one of the most affordable Valentine gifts ever? Available to purchase at major retailers nationwide and on Cadbury Gifts Direct.


Vegan Skincare

affordable valentine gift skincare range

Your love through a gift can be manifested with a nice cream. Who doesn’t love the feel of a smooth skin after applying a new cream? Aldi has recently launched a very affordable dermatologist and paediatrician-approved skincare range that is specifically designed for mums and children with dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin.

London Mums went to Aldi last weekend and tested the range that retails at just £1.49 each. Products we tried include a calming Bubble Bath, soothing Moisturiser and gently cleansing Hair & Body Wash, which effectively save parents 67% compared to household brands. With parents continuing to opt for natural and chemical-free products, we believe this range will be a hit as it’s perfect for all ages and skin types. Great value for money!


Cordless Mini Massager Gun

valentine affordable gifts massager gunThe Wahl Cordless Mini Massager Gun is ideal for “on-the-go” massage at home, the office and the gym offering a complete freedom of movement. At £89.99 it seems expensive at first, but in reality it saves you time and money for a real masseur.

After just using it for a week I have no more muscle aches in my neck, back and shoulders. All tension is gone. I wish I had found this little gadget earlier. My teenage son also ‘kidnaps’ my Massager Gun from time to time. If you are a lover, careful what you wish for, as this device can easily replace you too. Ha ha. 

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