Kano computer kit complete unboxing and review by 11 year old Diego

Summer holidays are almost upon us and parents looking for continued learning opportunities during the break have now a technology alternative to just video games. The UK brand’s latest product Kano Computer Kit Complete is a build-it-yourself laptop and learn-to-code kit that walks users (ages 6 and up) step by step as they learn the components of a computer, as well as challenges/tutorials to learn coding. The kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3, 10.1′” HD screen, speaker, wireless keyboard, sound sensor and battery. My 11 year old son Diego spent a couple of hours enjoying every moment of that time to make his special computer. He was so proud to be able to build his own laptop. 


Watch him unboxing the Kano computer Kit from start to finish. 

Here are the educational benefits of getting the kids to build their Kano this Summer: 

  • Learning coding – kids can build and code your own Raspberry Pi 3-powered portable computer, with a 10.1′” HD screen, speaker, wireless keyboard, sound sensor and battery.

  • Developing logical skills with 100 step-by-step challenges and tutorials for people of all ages as they learn to code and begin to understand loops, variables, and logic. 

  • Getting creative with technology: hacking Minecraft; creating art with Javascript; coding shapes and patterns; following along with Story Mode to learn about hardware, software and code; solving a mystery and choosing personalised adventures using Linux commands.

  • Sharing the creations on Kano World, and playing and changing the rules of games created by friends. 
  • Owing a fully working computer featuring a web browser, YouTube, Google Docs, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, Google Maps and more apps access online. 

Available Online at Kano Store and at Amazon, Target, Microsoft Stores. 

Price: $249.99

Kano Website 

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