Gadget Review: Canon PowerShot PX – The camera that puts mums back in the pictures

Get your hands on the best yule log, ever made by myself and Monica Costa with the help of no other than The Great British Bake Off 2016 finalist Andrew Smyth. This master baker with his precision engineering helped a group of London Mums in a baking master class.

Our afternoon was set at a gorgeous cooking school called Enrica Rocco cooking school in Notting Hill. 

This idyllic setting made it perfect for Canon to promote PowerShot PX where beautiful videos and pictures were captured by ‘Pixie‘.

The PowerShot PX captured the handsome Andrew Smyth and us as his baking assistants alongside other baking enthusiasts.

The eager baking assistants in awe of Andrew watching every fine detail this baker has to share with us.

We all worked around a kitchen island at our work stations following every detail Andrew gave with Pixie following our movements capturing precious moments.

What a great afternoon creating a Christmas Yule Log amongst a friendly bunch of people. It’s not the first time I’ve baked a Yule Log it’s actually a family tradition for us. Baking the Yule Log is something that my kids enjoy making and it was nice to learn sugar work. This activity has always been fun around the festive period.

We all managed to bake a chocolate Yule log from one of Andrew Smyth’s recipes. We also did a bit of sugar work and managed to follow the Christmas theme and created a pair of Robins. Towards the end of our baking Andrew gave out couple of ‘Paul Hollywood’ handshakes for fun, as these were very welcomed.

Whilst on our baking experience we were introduced to ‘Pixie’. Which is an AI powered camera that automatically captures pictures and videos. This camera allows you to enjoy your event like we did with ‘Pixie’ placed at a level for facial recognition.

Throughout the event Pixie was left to do her job by capturing videos and photos of us.

At the end of the event we were given a Canon PowerShot PX to take home and enjoy with the family. I will be using my camera on Christmas Day and I will try to capture special moments with the family. As a mum of two teenagers who hate being photographed at this age it will be great to have’Pixie’ placed on the main table to create some magical memories. I liked the fact that Pixie works on commands and the kids will enjoy asking Pixie to take a photo and also Pixie will just be snapping natural photos without anyone realising there is a camera present.

The Canon PowerShot PX is also programmed for voice recognition up to 5 commands. Allowing you to move around and enjoy precious moments with family and friends.

The PowerShot PX works to capture natural expressions and reactions. This means that it can capture candid moments while you’re enjoying your time with friends and family. You can also set the camera to recognise specific faces, as we did for our baking event.

This smart little gadget has built in WiFi, and is small and light enough to take with you to family occasions.

The app recommends certain photos to keep, but you can make manual selections. If you use Canon’s webcam utility app, the PowerShot PX can also be used as a webcam. Following an event or gathering, you can dive into the connected app to view all the captured photos.

This user friendly camera will bring out the budding actors or actresses in your family!

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