Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Father’s Day is usually held on the third Sunday of June in the United Kingdom. This year it falls on Sunday 15 June. It is a day to celebrate all fathers including grandfathers and fathers-in-law. It is commercially driven of course but a great excuse to pay an extra visit to fathers and bring them gifts. If my father was still alive I would travel the seven seas to bring him the best presents ever. With this in mind, a group of London Mums have found fantastic unique gift ideas for all dads. We hope you like them too and you might find some inspiration.

Family portraits father and son


We love cards, but for dads you really need a special not cheesy card. For this Father’s Day we have chosen a card from TheDogsDoodahs.com because it is a personalised card company with a cheekier sense of humour.  The people behind the site have been the leading supplier of humorous cards to high street stores for many years.  They own all their designs and you might recognise ranges such as Odd Squad and On-The-Ceiling.  These cards are not available to be personalised on any other site. Their cheeky brand of humour is very popular for Father’s Day cards in particular.  Some cards may be more suitable for older teens or for adults sending cards to their Dads, but there are also plenty that are suitable for Mums ordering on behalf of their smaller children.  Text can be personalised on all the cards, and there are a fair few which allow you to upload your own image as well.

father's day card 2014


Mighty Sound Mug


Mighty Sound Mug
RRP £29.99
Available at www.wowthem.com


Mighty Sound Mug
RRP £29.99
Available at www.wowthem.com












For stylish dads

Dads who like sleek, minimalist designs will appreciate the Mighty Sound MUG a design-lead wireless Bluetooth speaker that looks like a contemporary coffee cup. Drenching its environment with crystal-clear, high quality audio content, the Mighty Sound MUG has a playtime of up to six hours.

Mighty Music Engine

Engine 2

Mighty Music Engine
RRP £19.99
Available at www.wowthem.com

Styled black-red

Mighty Music Engine
RRP £19.99
Available at www.wowthem.com











For on-the-go dads

Give him one of the world’s smallest Bluetooth speakers. Standing at just 41mm tall and weighing just 53g the Mighty Music Engine will let dad take his music anywhere and everywhere. Designed to be ultra-portable and extra loud it has a durable, silicone outer making it tough and splash proof. Using Bluetooth technology it hooks up wirelessly to Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other compatible devices. Despite being pocketsize it packs a punch in the volume stakes and delivers high audio quality too.

Olixar HEXSTYLI – 6 in 1 stylus pen

Olixar Hexstyli Stylus Pen 04  pen close up in situ

The Olixar HEXSTYLI marries an elegant silver metallic stylus with six everyday practical functions. We love this (and not just as a gift for the dads). This is no ordinary pen…it’s basically a super pen and could be considered the Swiss army knife of pens as it has lots of useful functions.

With the HEXSTYLI, you can sketch, touch, measure, level and fix at your convenience. HEXSTYLI comes beautifully presented in an attractive gift box and is an ideal gift for Father’s Day. The functions of the HEXSTYLI 6in1 stylus pen are:

HEXSTYLI 6in1 stylus pen collage
1. Omni-directional stylus tip enables you to draw and write with incredible accuracy and precision on all tablets and smartphones
2. Integrated refillable and retractable ballpoint pen with grip
3. Printed ruler on the side which is perfect for quick measurements
4. Spirit level to ensure that you’ve hung a picture straight
5. Phillips screwdriver
6. Flat head screwdriver

Check this video that showcases the multi-functionality of this pen.

HEXSTYLI 6in1 stylus pen costs £14.99 and is available from Mobile Fun


father's day gifts Ted Baker fragrance TB_MW_M_TPS_Set_2014

For this Father’s Day Gift Guide we have chosen a special box from the Ted Baker grooming and fragrance range for men which is exclusive to the Perfume Shop for only £9.99. The smell is unconventional and fresh ideal for a dad who does not like strong fragrances but wants to smell natural and a bit sexy too 🙂 Great value for money.



A personalised football

Father's day gift guide ArsenalCrestSpecialMessageRGB

{Club} Crest Ball
Club ball RRP: £14.95


For active dads with active sons here is a great gift for this Summer,

a football branded with their favourite team name and special message.

Just visit     {Club} Crest Ball  website to write your personal message on a ball.

I wrote one for my husband and one for my son ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘Best player of the season’ on an official Chelsea FC football. 

I’ll also be sure that they won’t loose it on the playground again!!      






Jacamo men’s clothing range are some of the best casual denim in terms of quality and price value. It is ideal for dads playing with their children over this as all the products are of durable fabric. The jeans jacket has a classic design and is an evergreen fashion item. It can be worn with either a shirt underneath or even a hooded jumper. Even the most difficult men would love these clothes because of their classic lines.

Father's Day Jacamo Short Sleeve Check Shirt, Blue, GS652EC, £40

Flintoff By Jacamo Check Shirt Regular
RRP £40.00

Father's Day Jacamo DF563MG

Jacamo Crew Neck Sweatshirt
RRP £25.00

Father's Day Jacamo S14 H_7 Lo Res

Jacamo Denim Jacket
RRP £35.00

Flintoff By Jacamo Check Shirt Regular

Jacamo Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Jacamo Denim Jacket 









father's day gift guide Luas Shirt CMS446_POOL_BLUE

Craghoppers NosiLife Luas Long Sleeved Shirt
RRP £70



Craghoppers NosiLife Luas Long Sleeved Shirt

This shirt is absolutely gorgeous and very practical at the same time for those dads who get ‘assaulted’ by mosquitos and other insects during the Summer. Excellent quality and smart casual look. Its features include a lightweight active stretch construction and NosiLife permanent insect-repellent for outstanding performance in hot climates. NosiLife Luas Short-Sleeved shirt comes complete with cooling collar, zipped pocket and sunglasses wipe.




Men’s Golf Polo Shirt 



Must-have item for all those dads who are passionate about golf and are looking forward to a new Gold season. This Golf shirt is good value for money and very inexpensive at £7.99 considering the quality of the textile. It is available to buy in Aldi stores nationwide from 5th June 2014 while stocks last. 



Soxks pink elephants socks father day A101

Name: Pink Elephants
RRP: £12.99


fashion funky soxks father day gift A123


‘SOCKS shouldn’t be something we hide beneath a trouser leg, cowering inside our tightly laced shoes. They should be celebrated, enjoyed and, in some extreme circumstances, worshipped.’ That’s the ethos behind Soxks, a brand that is determined to make feet the focal point of any outfit. Created by two Brits who found themselves in a bar in the far east, bonding over their love of heroic socks and gin & tonic, every pair of Soxks has been lovingly dreamt up by men who live by the company’s motto: Dare To Dream. Here’s what they say: “Our aim is to revolutionise the way people wear, think about, and look at, socks and in so doing, contribute to making the world a better place. Nothing more, nothing less. For too long sock-wearers have been bound in shackles by the ‘rules’ of fashion and dress-codes. The doors to a whole world of opportunity have been locked, bolted, and barred. We think we have the key to unlock those doors. We also have a battering ram, but we’ll try the key first. “Take a look around. Go on. Try to catch a glimpse of that little sliver of cotton peeking out from above your neighbour’s shoes. What do you see? Black. Or dark grey. But mostly black. This situation is the sign of a society in crisis. “A society so afraid of individualism and identity that the vast majority of people feel compelled by a hypnotic form of dark magic to wear the same black socks as everyone else around them. The time has come for change. The time is ripe for a revolutionary movement that challenges this oppression. Sock-wearers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our smelly black socks!” So there you have it. Eschew your tedious foot coverings and embrace the world of Soxks. There’s a pair to suit everyone – from the regimental grandeur of ‘The Guardsman’ to the European chic ‘Bleu, Blanc, Rouge’ and the lofty ambition of ‘Daydreamer’. And if you can’t decide which to opt for, try a Soxkscription and receive a different pair every month! Each pair comes beautifully packaged in a custom envelope complete with your Soxks story and a wash bag to ensure your hosiery is never separated, because even socks can get lonely!

I found all this socks’ talk quite hilarious. Soxks are like the Desigual in the socks’ world 🙂

Concert tickets

Status Quo 1 BeachBoys

Any dad would like a good concert with oldies! Here are our favourite ones for Summer 2014.

Status Quo at Sandown park 16 July 2014

The Beach Boys at Epsom Live music festival 17 July 2014 at Epsom Racecourse



Father's Day gifts The Macallan Gold GOLD_bottle_on_white

The Macallan Gold
RRP: £35.99

Quality drink: The Macallan Gold

Why not treat your Dad to a bottle of The Macallan Gold, the first expression in the innovative 1824 Series, which showcases this single malt’s natural colour and is matured in 100% sherry seasoned oak casks.

The Macallan Gold has notes of vanilla followed by dark chocolate, with lingering floral and light oak notes. The Macallan Gold is available in multiple retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrison.


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